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Linda asks…

what do i need to do in order to move to mexico for a year?

im graduating next year, and i want to move to mexico, just for one year only. ive tried google, but i cant find that much on what i need to do in order to live successfully down there. id get a job, but do i need a work visa etc? thanks 🙂

Tijuana answers:

You will need an FM3 visa, which proves that you have enough income to live without working in Mexico. If you have a TEFL, teacher of English as a Second Language Cert. Or are great at marketing, you may be able to find a job teaching English or selling timeshare.

Do you speak Spanish? It helps a lot if you’re trying to look for work. Be warned that without the FM3, you’ll have to leave the country after 6 months to renew your tourist visa.

Don’t expect to be able to just get any job, Mexico protects its workers, so you need a skill that a Mexican doesn’t have.

Your best best is to have enough money saved to live without working for at least several months, if not the entire time.

Living costs vary greatly depending upon your needs and where you end up living. I would suggest you have about 700 dollars per month saved if you’re planning to live anywhere tourist-y and not be too demanding about your living quarters.

I have lived in Manzanillo several times (I was married to a Mexican) and this time I’ve been here 8 months and so far, no luck finding a job.

Best of luck to you, Mexico is beautiful and the people are lovely.

Once you’ve decided where in Mexico you want to live, you can google that town. There are ex-pats with websites all over Mexico, but you’ll want to go to one for the town you’d like to live in.

None of the visa stuff really applies if you’re going to stay within 50k of the border, the ‘franja fronteriza’ has different immigration rules, but whereever you go, you’ll need a US Passport.

Maria asks…

Will the illegal aliens cause the destruction of the USA?

We will fall not because of terrorism but from illegal alien invasion.

Tijuana answers:

My State of Ca. Spends between 10 and 15 billion a year just on welfare benefits to illegal aliens, yet the Democrat Legislature just cut back funding to our public schools and increased the tuition to the State Universities. Perhaps you saw the demonstrations across the State. The protesters were both liberal and conservative. What does the left not get about the effect illegals are having here. It is their kids that are being cheated out of a decent education too. Their beloved Teacher Union teachers are losing their jobs. Why do we owe the citizens of Mexico free housing, health care, food and a living. Why do we owe the Citizens of Mexico our jobs. When is the Government going to start looking out for it’s own citizens. Here are some stats from the F.B.I. For you.

Today 25 American citizens will die at the hands of an illegal alien. 12 by outright homicide and 13 by an unlicensed, uninsured, illegal alien driving drunk. 95 percent of the warrants for murder held by law enforcement are for illegal aliens. Over 200,000 illegal aliens are wanted by Police for either child molestation or child rape.

When is enough going to be enough. When there are 100 million here.

This is what they do to our desert habitat. Why don’t the bleeding hearts come on down here and clean this up.


I have worked in law enforcement for 30 years on the border. The border cities by majority are Hispanic populations. The City governments are Hispanic as are the community leaders. Years ago the leaders requested that their Officers detain and turn over to the Border Patrol illegal aliens. We have been enforcing Federal immigration law for decades. We are all sick of it. Our hospitals are nearly out of business because of illegal aliens, Those that protest the Arizona law sit in their upper middle class or middle class homes thousands of miles away from the problem and claim they know all about the Constitution. The 14TH. Amendment was for the slaves not illegal aliens.

The fact is Arizona does not need a special law to enforce Federal law. Every Police Officer takes an oath”To Protect and Defend the Constitution and to Enforce All Laws State, Local and Federal. To not do so is a crime in it’s self. It is called an Act of Omission and the Officer could be prosecuted. Police Officers across this Nation enforce Federal law everyday. Federal drug laws, Federal Commerce laws, Federal transportation laws, Federal interstate truck equipment laws and Federal interstate truck drivers laws. Airport Police Officers enforce Federal Security laws.

Those that protest it is racial profiling should be careful of what they protest. The Arizona law has a clause that prohibits racial profiling. The immigration law in the U.S. Code does not.

If our Officers saw someone. And 95 percent of the time they were Hispanic, with a suit case, a knapsack, clothes bundled or plastic bags with personal effects in it and walking north towards the interstate we would do a pedestrian check and ask for I.D. It is legal and the Supreme Court ruled it is legal. If they spoke no English we would ask “Donde su mecca” “No, No mecca” ” Dispatch would you inform Border Patrol that I have a possible illegal detained at my location” There, I also just gave you training on how to detain an illegal alien.

Law enforcement apprehends only one in five that violate our borders. This Arizona law is not going to affect the amount that make it north very much. It will be negligible. Actually Police Officers have much more to do than just apprehend illegals.

The Tohono O’Odham Nation and Arizona have asked this Administration and this Congress for help with this criminal problem. Napolitano and Obama say the border is more secure than it ever has been. It is a lie. Obama responded to the request for help by reducing the numbers of Border Patrol agents on the border by 180. I am here and have done the job for 30 years. I see what is happening first hand. We better stop it.

Laura asks…

How is Alabama and Tennessee similar?

Again, this is for a project. i typed it in google and all the links were to football stuff.

Tijuana answers:

— Both states are neighbours,located south east ,seceded,joined the Confederates.Unionization has historically been low in both states,so both are home to the largest industrial growth corridor in the nation and are business friendly.. Both produce cotton,soybeans,have cattle,many farms.Alabama Population 4,661,900 Area 52,419 sq mi — Tennessee Population 6,214,888 Area 42,169 sq mi .Both have similar number of population and area ———– ——————- Alabama Population Ranked 23rd in the US
– Total 4,661,900 (2008 est.)
Density 84.83/sq mi (33.84/km²)
Ranked 27th in the US Area Ranked 30th in the US
– Total 52,419 sq mi
(135,765 km²)
– Width 190 miles (306 km)
– Length 330 miles (531 km)
– Highest point Mount Cheaha
2,413 ft (734 m)
– Mean 499 ft (152 m)
– Lowest point Gulf of Mexico
0 ft (0 m) Admission to Union December 14, 1819 (22nd) ———–
Alabama’s agricultural outputs include poultry and eggs, cattle, plant nursery items, peanuts, cotton, grains such as corn and sorghum, vegetables, milk, soybeans, and peaches. Although known as “The Cotton State”, Alabama ranks between eight and ten in national cotton production, according to various reports, with Texas, Georgia and Mississippi comprising the top three.

Alabama’s industrial outputs include iron and steel products (including cast-iron and steel pipe); paper, lumber, and wood products; mining (mostly coal); plastic products; cars and trucks; and apparel. Also, Alabama produces aerospace and electronic products, mostly in the Huntsville area, which is home of the NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Center and the US Army Aviation and Missile Command, headquartered at Redstone Arsenal.

Alabama is also home to the largest industrial growth corridor in the nation, including the surrounding states of Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia. Most of this growth is due to Alabama’s rapidly expanding automotive manufacturing industry. In Alabama alone since 1993, it has generated more than 67,800 new jobs. Alabama currently ranks 4th in the nation in automobile output. ———————- Population Ranked 17th in the US
– Total 6,214,888 (2008 est.)
– Density 138.0/sq mi (53.29/km2)
Ranked 19th in the US
Area Ranked 36th in the US
– Total 42,169 sq mi
(109,247 km2)
– Width 120 miles (195 km)
– Length 440 miles (710 km)
– Highest point Clingmans Dome
6,643 ft. Ft (2,025 m)
– Mean 900 ft (280 m)
– Lowest point Mississippi River
178 ft (54 m)
Admission to Union June 1, 1796 (16th) Major outputs for the state include textiles, cotton, cattle, and electrical power. As proof of interest in beef production, Tennessee has over 82,000 farms, and beef cattle are found in roughly 59 percent of the farms in the state. Although cotton was an early crop in Tennessee, large-scale cultivation of the fiber did not begin until the 1820s with the opening of the land between the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers. The upper wedge of the Mississippi Delta extends into southwestern Tennessee, and it was in this fertile section that cotton took hold. Currently West Tennessee is also heavily planted in soybeans, focusing on the northwest corner of the state. Http:// ————————-

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