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Google Mexico Maps

Maria asks…

How long would it take to swim to China?

I tried Google Maps to get the best destinations to China from Mexico, and it told me to swim across the ocean to get there. I’m an alright swimmer but I’m just not sure how long it would actually take, Google Maps does not have the answer to which I am disappoint. If anyone has attempted and knows, that would be grateful.

Tijuana answers:

Why swim to China?
Swim to USA.Thats what every healthy Mexican does.

Jenny asks…

Where can I find a loft in Monterrey?

I want to move to Monterrey and go to college there. I dont know if they actually have lofts in Mexico but I would like very much to live in one. If there is hopefully it will be really close to shops and the Macro Plaza. How much do you think it rent for them?

Tijuana answers:

I assume you are either going to study at Monterrey Tech or UDEM. Either way, you don’t want to live close to the Macro Plaza. There’s some great places to hang around over there, but you still don’t want to live there. I agree with the rest of the group, if you are going to Monterrey Tech, live near the campus. It will take you 10 minutes tops to get to the Macroplaza and Barrio Antiguo Areas.
If you are going to UDEM, find a place in San Pedro Garza García, which is a city in the Monterrey Metro Area. San Pedro is where the richest people live. It’s probably one of the best areas to live, but it is also expensive… It’s actually the most expensive city in Mexico. San Pedro also has an area called Centrito Valle, with a bunch of bars and clubs where people hang out during the weekends.

Your best shot to find housing on your own is thru these links:

You can also call the university and see if they can assist you in some way. Actually both universities have housing inside the campus, you might want to consider that option.

I recomment you use the following city maps so you don’t get lost. It’s similar to Google Maps but for Monterrey. It’s called Lucamap:

If you have any other questions just ask!


Betty asks…

Is there a free online map and/or yellow pages for Mexico City?

Something like Google Local or Yahoo Yellow pages, or even just a map where you can type in a street address and find it? I’m so lost…I have addresses for several places I want to visit while I’m there, but I have no idea where they are. The sites I know of don’t work for Mexico City.

Tijuana answers:

This can be very helpful… Its the “official” map of mexico city, you can find an address there, but the problem is that it doesnt come in layers so most functionalities you are used to using yahoo maps or similar wont be there.


The problem is that there is no english version, but if you want to find an address these are the fields you can fill in
Calle = street
Colonia = neighborhood (more or less)
Del / Municipio = county (more or less)
C.P. = zip code

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