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Google Mexico Maps

Charles asks…

Is it difficult to travel to Los Algodones in Baja California and take a picture of Border Monument 206?

The northernmost point in Mexico is in Los Algodones, a town in the municipality of Mexicali. This is an iron obelisk which stands a few feet from the Border fence.

Tijuana answers:

Yes I’ve “seen” it on Google maps on the street view of the town. You would have to cross the border (US Customs Services) on Andrade Road past the Sleepy Hollow RV Park; and when you’re on Calle Segunda (2nd Street), you immediately turn right and go down Avenida International to the Border Monument which is on a mound about 10-15 feet high at the corner of Calle Cuarta. On the google street view, it shows the Border Patrol (La Migra) waiting on the US side with a SUV; have fun.

Richard asks…

In Indiana Jones and the Cyrstal Skull what are all the destinations that Indiana visits?

My little brother is having an Indiana Jones birthday party.
And on the invitations i’m putting a map with the places Indiana Jones visits in the movie. Thanks for the help!

Tijuana answers:

Hes visiting the ruins of the Mayans, im pretty sure, who live in what is now that peninsula in Mexico. (just type in Merida on google maps and you can see the peninsula where thats on.)
you should put a map of mexico and part of southern US
hope i helped!! =)
and happy birthday 2 ur little brother; i think its cute that hes having an Indian Jones party, and that your helping him!! =)

Donna asks…

question on via de la juventud oriente north of Tijuana, Mexico?

I was playing around with Google maps when I came across this section of the Mexican border when I noticed that the wall was plastered with crosses. Was there a major accident there, were people killed trying to cross the border, etc?

Tijuana answers:

Its to signify the deaths of the people that illegally cross and end up dead, either from heat exhaustion or the smugglers killing them once they have the money.

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