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Google Mexico Maps

Sandra asks…

Where can I find mapping and driving directions inside of Mexico?

Google maps works great for the US but I was wondering if anyone has a good site to find directions for driving city to city and place to place inside of Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

This site has to be the best….click on directions and fill in the origin and destination

Joseph asks…

Male comedian with a bit about Alaska and Hawaii next to each other on a map?

I remember a male comedian doing a bit about how kids think that Alaska and Hawaii are physically next to each other because most maps of the US place Alaska and Hawaii in little boxes on the lower part of the map. I can not think of told this joke, but it’s hilarious! I want to say its Jim Gaffigan, but I couldn’t find anything on YouTube or Google.

Guess I’ll have to hope someone out there has heard it! Anyone?

Tijuana answers:

There is always a bit of truth in humor. So many, many tourists arrive here dressed for warm weather because they think we are below Mexico. They think only in the high mountains is where snow and cold temps are. Wrong! Many tourists head straight to a store so they can buy warm clothing – even in summer. Many folks don’t even know that we are way over on the other side of Canada.

Donna asks…

How can I make an Online North American map of all the places I’ve visited in Canada, U.S, and Mexico?

Is there a website online where I can submit all the destinations I’ve visited and it comes out automatic? (besides google maps or mapquest)

Tijuana answers: has a map that you can put the places you’ve been on.

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