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Google Mexico Maps

David asks…

What cities have reported the Swine Flu?

Hello I understand that in the US there have been cases in Texas and California. Also México reports as many as 1,000 in the capital, but in these nations what regions, states, and cities are being affected?

Where in México is the Swine Flu? Where in Texas and California? Have there been any reports in other nations, regions or regions of the globe? Thank you.

I live in South Texas.

Tijuana answers:

Google map of the outbreak

Daniel asks…

Has there been any incidences of swine flu around the Puerto Penasco area?

I’ve searched the CDC website for the most active regions in Mexico for the flu. However, there doesn’t seem to be any answers.

Tijuana answers:

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) have prepared an introductory Swine Flu Video on the topic. They are also tweeting information at

The website below has a link to a map of the latest outbreaks. This is a state-of-the-art Google Map. Another resource is HealthMap. HealthMap aggregates news feeds from the WHO (World Health Organization), and Google News. You can filter by type of disease on the bottom left.

Nancy asks…

What is the deal with these housing projects in Mexico?

When I was in Playa Del Carmen I notices on the other side of the highway these huge new townhouses being built faster then a map can keep up. Is this where they put Mayans when they take their ocean side property for resorts? How much do they cost, I hear like 25k. Would these be middle class housing? Also is the black tanks on top for water pressure or heated water?,r:1,s:0&biw=1424&bih=697

Tijuana answers:

No, this is not where they put mayans when they take their ocean front property. These are housing projects, built for the middle and lower class of Mexican Workers. With the Help Of the Government and INFONAVIT they help finance these homes for anybody. And yes they are not very expensive range from 15,000 to 45,000 USD. The black tank on top is for added water pressure and is also a water reservoir.

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