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Google Mexico Office

Daniel asks…

Where can i learn to speak enough to talk to others in general public?

down in Mexico? On the internet for free? Is it hard to get a passport? Everything i have for ID is valid but USA..

Tijuana answers:

Rosetta stone is great, but most definitely not free.

Just google some things about Spanish, there is a myriad of spanish crap on the internet, it’s a widely spoken language. You’ll be surprised at how much you know I’m sure, there’s spanish words in pretty much every song you hear on the radio these days.

A passport isn’t too hard if you’re an American citizen. Just go to your local post office, and get the paper. Fill it out and return it. If you have them to the photos and everything, right now (In 2013) it’ll run you about 150 for everything, which isn’t too bad. It’s good for 10 years from what I hear.

Now I’ve heard that if you are an American citizen you can go into Mexico like… 20 miles past the border or something (Sounds silly, right?) without a passport, but I have absolutely no idea if that’s true or not. It sounds weird to me.

Second, most places Americans go to visit, they speak English (Playa del Carmen, Cancun, etc) since they’ve all got fancy hotels and all of that. So other than just for fun, you don’t really have to learn the language, but it will be enriching for you if you do.

Also, if you’re white, please stay away from the places on the border. Mexico is a dangerous country, all of those stories you hear aren’t just stories, they’re true. The narcotrafficantes (Drug dealers) really are ruthless. Most of them are of the opinion that everyone in the US is rich and arrogant, so going over there and waving your flag is foolish. That doesn’t mean to say that ALL cities are like that, of course not. But there are places you want to stay away from, and for the most part that I know, it’s by the border. Good luck and have fun!

Donald asks…

What are the current rules for shipping packages to Cuba?

I have a family over there who is quite poor like most in the country and have a lack of clothes,food and other resources. I would like to know how and how much will it be shipping items from California to Cuba.. and no, I don’t have any canadian or mexican friends that can help me with this shipping/cost fiasco.

Tijuana answers:

If you send anything through the post office, it is almost guaranteed not to arrive to it’s destination in Cuba – regardless if it’s sent through the US, Canada, Mexico, or anywhere else. DHL can ship there reliably, but it’s extremely expensive. You can look at their website for the cost. You may be better of using a gifting company. Google “gifts to Cuba” and a few sites will pop up (,, etc).

Sharon asks…

What time do people who live in Peru eat their meals and what are the meals like. Drinks, snacks and deserts.?

I need to know about what the people in Peru typically eat and when they eat it. I also need to know about drinks, snacks, and any other things that you know of. Thanks.

Tijuana answers:

Breakfast time depends on what time you wake up (like anywhere else in the world)

If you work in an office, lunch time is around 1pm.
If you are going to school, lunch time is around 3 or 4pm.
Other than that it can vary from 1 to 4 pm (depending on your schedule or how busy you are)

Dinner is usually eaten from 7pm but can be served as late as 10pm.

Besides coffee, milk, water and sodas, we drink a lot of fruit juice (it’s cheap) and we also have a drink made out of purple corn called chicha (which tastes very good, but the color scares many people at first). We also have our own hard liquor, named Pisco (Mexico has tequila, Peru has Pisco). Be aware that Chile also has a drink called pisco but is nothing compared to the one made in Peru.

You can find most of the bagged snacks you’d find here in the States. We also have chips made out of banana called chifles (it’s salty and tastes totally different to the banana chips sold in the US) and sweet potato chips or camote frito
We have cancha, which is a Peruvian style of corn toasted (not pop corn). There are many more I’m missing… Too much stuff.

OK, for foods I’d just go to google it because there are hundreds of typical dishes with different flavors and backgrounds.

Good luck

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