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George asks…

How to make web browser think you are in US?

I live in Romania, but speak English as my first language, and there are some websites that I can’t access because It says I don’t live in the US. The question is, how do I make any web browser (I will download whichever) think that I am in the US. Any help would be appreciated.

Tijuana answers:

It really has nothing, or not much, to do with the browser, it comes down to the IP Address that your ISP is providing you with which is then detected by A website that you’re trying to log into, for example:

If i try to go onto to check out a re-run of a show like “The Office” or something similar, it wont allow me to do so due to the fact that their system has detected that i live somewhere else besides the US (Mexico btw).

So the way around this is through a proxy server, a proxy server will simulate your IP address fooling A Website system into thinking that you’re actually in the US, thus letting you watch any website within the US with an IP Block.

This is the same for other websites and not just US sites, you’ll need another proxy that will simulate you being in the UK if you want to see BBC programming.

Proxy is a bit tedious but once you get familiar with its function, it becomes pretty standard, my best suggestion would be to get Firefox and download the plugging “Foxy Proxy” which will let you configure a proxy server within your browser, though you’ll still have to google for a Proxy IP Address, which you can find very easily, the problem is finding a Proxy IP Address that actually works since many of them seem to be down.

There are websites that can actually hide your IP address from a website that’s looking for it to grant you access onto the site, this are very common in work places where the servers usually have sites like facebook or myspace blocked to avoid their employees from accessing this sites. Websites like is one of them free hide-my-ip-address type of service, there are lots more on the internet.

Hope that helps.

William asks…

Where would be best to stay when driving route 66?

Hi I am looking at driving route 66 in 2013. I would like to do this over 7 or 8 days and want to start in L.A and finish in Chicago (unlike most who start in Chicago and finish in L.A). Has anyone got any advice on where i should stay each night? Most advice I can find online is for people who wish to do it between 10 and 14 days which is not much use to me.

Tijuana answers:

You’re not starting the planning part too late for your 2013 trip.

1 – start early for your 467 mile trip to Flagstaff, AZ…lunch at M rD’z diner in Kingman, AZ:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=984&bih=506&wrapid=tljp1327101821976026&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=kingman+az+restaurants&fb=1&gl=us&hq=restaurants&hnear=0x80cddc1300936035:0xa6accfbcff04a560,Kingman,+AZ&cid=3998730956380270935

2 – off to Gallup, NM for lunch and a visit to a museum…then on to Albuquerque…about 350 mi.

3 – A rather short drive to Santa Fe…65 miles. Check out the art and food…relax in the mountains:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=8b6c04f6f6b326e6&biw=984&bih=506

4 – On to Amarillo…283 miles but a little longer if you’re a rock and roller from the past. Take a side trip to Clovis, NM:

5 – 266 miles to Tulsa unless you stop in OK city for lunch at Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse or Cattleman;s Steakhouse…but it’s your call. Tulsa has several attractions including the Air and Space Museum:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=8b6c04f6f6b326e6&ion=1

6 – Missouri will be a change of scenery and a few stops along the way to St. Louis about 400 miles. Check out the arch, ride a river boat, + visit a huge brewery.


7 – It’s only 100 miles to Springfield but that’s okay as you’ll need a few hours to vist the Abraham Lincoln Museum. Not far away are his house and law offices plus the state house where he practiced law and legislated.

8 – Travel I-55 to it terminus on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive…210 miles. Make sure you view Cloud Gate and the rest of Millenium Park:

Interesting stops:

John asks…

Wat do u need to transport cremated ashes to mexico? Does it depend on the state? ?

My uncle passed away in California and my grandma went to his funeral there but then she came to visit family on oregon to spend some time with family before going back home but now shes returning to mexico so we need to know if she needs anything

Tijuana answers:

You will need to contact the Consulate General of Mexico in order to make sure that US and Mexico laws are not violated. The Consulate General is the final authority on this matter. Remember, you are dealing with two countries and not just the United States. I did a search and the contact office information is: Consulate General of Mexico, 1234 Southwest Morrison Street, Portland, OR 97205-2218 Phone: (503) 274-1442. For your convenience there are bi-lingual officials at all of these offices. I would hate for your loved ones cremains to be held by either country due to all laws not being followed.

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