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Google Mexico

Ken asks…

When I go to, it takes me to google mexico. How can I use google USA?

I live in mexico as a missionary. when I go to google it automatically goes to google mexico. can i make it go to google usa?
I know i can click on the “go to google usa” button, but can i automatically go to google usa?

Tijuana answers:

You can do

when you open
google mexico

see below here is in English


go to

click on it

visit also

Steven asks…

How do i view places like mexico with satellite on the internet as the things are happening?

in mexico i noticed a guy looking at mexico where he lived and the things were happening the same way.
so how can i view my part of mexico in the internet?
wat r some websites?
is it possible

Tijuana answers:

If you want to view live, it is toooooo-costly. By using Google earth, you able to view captured images.

Betty asks…

What’s the best way for a US citizen to find a real estate agent in Mexico? Google?

We’ve visited Mexico many time and now are considering buying property there. What’s the best way for us to find a good real estate agent there, assuming we have no personal contact or recommendations?

Tijuana answers:

You have two options. Either physically go to the community you are interested in, talk to the locals and get recommendations or join a Web board and ask for recommendations there.

I know MexicoConnect has several specific location boards, there’s for Lake Chapala and for San Miguel de Allende. I’m sure there are many others for specific areas of Mexico.

I am going to make a very strong suggestion. Rent for at least 6 months before you buy unless you are buying a vacation home you will only visit a few times a year. You will learn so much about the area, if it is even where you want to be, and about neighborhoods before you buy.

Too many homes currently for sale are being sold by people who moved down and either didn’t like Mexico at all, or found the neighborhood was in some way undesirable.

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