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Maxi Cosi

Jenny asks…

Are all Maxi Cosi carry cot/car seats compatible with Quinny travel systems?

Do I just have to buy the adapters and then can I buy any Maxi Cosi? I have tried looking on both Quinny and Maxi Cosi websites but there is no customer information number/email

Tijuana answers:

Hiya hun, depends what you’re looking at.

If it is a quinny buzz I know for certain that the newborn maxi cosi carseats fit with adapters. These adapters usually come with the pushchair and there is a clearly labelled right and left. They slot in easily to where the seat has been removed from. You have to make sure the adapter holders are sitting straight other wise the carseat leans forwards.

Maxi cosi have two newborn seats that I am aware of. The cabriofix (about £125) and the new Pebble (about £150) The pebble is far more superior as it was only brought out in January, the safety features of both are amazing though. They both fit onto the quinny buzz chassis easily.

For more info have a good look on the mothercare website. They sell the quinny buzz plus both carseats.

Hope this has helped.

Sandra asks…

does anyone have comments on the combi coccoro carseat?

I have MaxiCosi 2010 model Priori Car Seat for my daughter. My husband and I need to buy another car seat, and we are thinking about the combi coccoro for my car since it says its for compact cars. I like the maxi cosi because it reclines it also fits good in my car but would be nicer to have more room if the combi is smaller. Does anyone have experience with both or one of these car seats? Our daughter is 10 months old.
Thank you

Tijuana answers:

It’s a great set for rear facing in a compact car…

If you go to – and search for combi coccoro -you’ll find TONS of discussions on it, with photos…

Joseph asks…

Bugaboo Donkey carrycots or just car seats?

My sister is having twins and wants to know if she should purchase the carrycots and maxi cosi car seat adaptor or just one?

Tijuana answers:

I would get the Bugaboo Donkey carrycots just because I like to say it

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