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Maxi Cosi

Helen asks…

Question regarding Quinny Buzz connections?

I have ordered a Quinny Buzz and Maxi Cosi car seat for my new baby, I also bought the Dreami carrycot off ebay but when it was delivered it doesn’t have any attachments with it to connect it to the pushchair frame. Are the connections needed the same as those which connect the car seat to the frame (which I will have with the pushchair) or do I need to buy seperate connectors. Thanks in advance for your help.

Tijuana answers:

It’s the same adapters for the Maxi cosi. They should come with the buzz already.

Steven asks…

How do I change the position of maxi cosi car seat on a quinny buzz frame?

I want to recline my car seat a little on the buzz frame but can’t seem to do it! Is it possible to change the position or not? It seems to be tilting forward a bit!

Tijuana answers:

Toss the frame & install the seat according to manufacturer’s instructions. See the pros at the local fire station or ambulance service to ensure seat & babe are installed properly.

Sandy asks…

What colour maxi cosi car seat goes well with quinny buzz capri?

What color is capri actually…is it a blue or a green. I have seen a lot of retailers selling skydiver maxicosi with capri?? Is that the closest match u can get.

Tijuana answers:

Hello that is the closest colour (skydiver) last year they did a colour called oceanic see if anyone has one or their is a darker blue one call frisbee. I hope this helps good luck

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