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James asks…

How to close a bank account in Mexico and transfer money to a bank account in the US?

Does a person have to go to Mexico in order to close their bank account and to transfer the funds to a US bank account? Is there a way to do all of this from the United States without having to travel to Mexico?


Tijuana answers:

Hi! Go to your online banking account from the mexican bank. Check if you got the option do to international transfers. If it is a private bank account I doubt it, but if it is one for a business, than there should be this option. For the transaction you will need the BIC (international code of your bank in the US), account number and the address of the person who is registered to the US bank account (this is required because of the drug-problem). If you cannot do this via internet / online banking, than there is another option: a person you trust can withdraw the money in mexico and than personally wire it to you from his/her bank. But if it is a big amount, then he/she will have a hard time to do so!
Another one is: if you have an international debit card from your mexican account (like a visa), then you can withdraw the money little by little from an ATV. But its a good thing to inform the mexican bank that you are on “vacations” abroad for a longer time, and therefore you are going to withdraw quite a bit of money from ATV’s. This is recommendable in order to avoid your account getting blocked!
I wouldn’t bother officially closing your bank account in mexico, when it goes inactive after a while the bank will cancel it. When trying closing or transferring an account, banks give you a really hard time, since they don’t want to lose customers.

Paul asks…

Why is Mexico the 12th world largest economy with large deposits of Oil, Gold and Silver?

Mexico is the 2th largest and strongest economy in the world, and the second largest in Latin America; Mexico is an industrialized nation with plenty of natural resources, wealth and beauty. Mexico is an emerging and progressive growing economy with lots of Free trade agreements with other nations like Japan, The European Union, Canada, and USA.
* My question is:
If you are a communist from Cuba or Florida-.. does it up set you, and make you envious and furious?

Tijuana answers:

One of the reasons Mexico’s economy is grow is because, more American companies are opening up chains & factories in Mexico..

EXAMPLE: Philps electronics just opened a major factory in Mexico. Its cheaper to pay a Mexican $500 a month, than paying an American $2000 & Up..

The United States has gotten very strict in commerce over the years. Here are some examples.

Employers MUST carry insurance such as worker comp
Employees file LAWSUITS all the time for reasons such as slip & fall

If an employee gets hurt on job in the U.S, that employee its almost guaranteed to get months of paid vacations.

I hate say it, but Mexico is not as strict

Sandy asks…

Does anyone know about hooking up an xbox in Mexico? Do you need different cables?

I brought my xbox to mexico but they have different plugs on the back of their TV’s. Has anyone ever successfully hooked up an xbox they got in the states to a tv in mexico?


Tijuana answers:

No, I cant say I have, I noticed that problem when I went to Mexico too, although I brought my own T.V. So it didnt matter

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