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Mary asks…

Is it safe to travel to Mexico with peanut allergies?

I am planning to travel to Mexico with my family, and my child has severe peanut allergies. We still want to go to Mexico, but we don’t know if its safe for my child.
Any one have any insight?
This is pertaining to restaurants. Any one with peanut allergies that went to Mexico have a good and safe restaurant recommendation?
We’re talking Los Cabos here… Just so it makes it easier.

Tijuana answers:

In general Mexico is not very aware of the peanut allergy so you must be very careful when you ask if something has peanuts or has been in contact with peanuts. Actually there are no peanut free schools or things like that. I think that depends on the allergy grade you kid has.
Anyway, if you are going to a Hotel you probably can talk to the chef and make sure the food he is taking is peanuts free but again, if a chefs mistake can be a life risk I would think it twice. Pretty much like in the states.

Daniel asks…

How much does it cost to call mexico from verizon wireless?

My husband is in Mexico, and we are “IN” on a family plan. We have verizon wirless cell phones. We do not have an international plan, just a national. Does anyone know what the roaming charge is?

Tijuana answers:

If your husband is using his Verizon wireless phone in Mexico, he will be charged .99/min for call he makes or receives. If you call him on his Verizon wireless phone while he is in Mexico, the minutes he uses will not be counted towards any allowance on your plan. For more info, go to, mouse over business on red menu bar, then click on International roaming on the next menu. It will take you to a page with all the info you need for roaming pricing. By the way, you will not be charged long distance if you call your husband’s phone while he is in Mexico because you are calling a U.S. Number, not an international number.

Also, if your husband is going to be “roaming” in Mexico and most likely not making long distance calls to any number in Mexico, then neither of your phones will need the international long distance value pack (3.99 mth). The pack only discounts the long distance rate not any roaming chrgs. Hope this helps!!!

Donna asks…

Is manufacturing in Mexico the most cost effective offshoring opportunity?

When Mexico is compared to China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other Asian off shoring countries, is Mexico the best choice?

Tijuana answers:

The following criteria may help determine the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing in any particular geographic zone:

1. Whether the output (products and services) are meant for 100% consumption in the US or some are for re-export or all are for 100% export to other countries.

2. What type of quality of output you are looking for?

3. What is the Shipping-time required for the transportation?

4. What is shipping-cost for the same output if they are outsourced in the countries as mentioned by you?

For example, if the output is meant for consumption in the US and the shipping time (total delivery period) is too long, say 30-days from Asia, than 7-days from Mexico, and also the cost of shipping is say US$ 5000 from Asia than US$ 500 from Mexico, then it is advisable to have that product outsourced to Mexico.

On the other hand, if the product is for selling in Asia, Africa and Europe then it may be a good choice to outsource the same to any of the Asian countries mentioned by you.

We can assume that the quality of output for industrial and consumer items are better taken care in Mexico than in Asia, due to poor work-habit and lack of awareness for quality, than what you can find in Mexico.

So, these can be decided on case-to-case basis and also how much ‘noise’ the US public or politician can generate in outsourcing a particular item to any particular country.

Hope above helps.

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