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Maria asks…

What is required for someone from Mexico to visit the United States?

What would be required for someone living in Mexico to visit the United States for vacation? Would it be similar to what a US citizen would go through like just getting a passport and that’s it or would there be more to it?

Tijuana answers:

A Mexican citizen must apply for a B-2 tourist visa. These are difficult to get. The BIG issue is being able to convince the visa officer at your interview that you will return to Mexico when you are supposed to. You need to have money in the bank, or own a house, or a business, or have proof of a ob waiting for you. Without convincing evidence that you have close ties and reasons to return, you will not be granted a visa. See site below. Your visa application process starts on THIS page…stat there and follow all directions. It will tell you how to make an interview appointment and fill out your forms.

Edit: Someone said you can get a passport in one day but it takes 6 monthw to get a visa. I don’t know where she got that idea. In Mexico, sometimes you can get a passport on the first day you go in to apply, but not always. It absolutely does NOT take 6 months to get a visa to visit the U.S. You may hae to wait a few weeks to get an interview appointment, but then if your visa is granted, they keep your passport to put your visa in it…then send it to you by messenger within a week.

Jenny asks…

In Mexico you must be a citizen to own oceanside property. How do I correct the faulty pronoun?

I am correcting vague pronoun references, how do I correct these sentences?
In Mexico you must be a citizen to own oceanside property.

Auto emissions must be reduces. A new law will ensure it.

Tijuana answers:

Here are a couple of possible fixes to the first one (Mexican real estate).

(1) In Mexico, one must be a citizen to own oceanside property.

(2) In Mexico, ownership of oceanside property is limited to citizens only.

For the one about auto emissions, how about:

A new law was recently passed requiring reductions in auto emissions.
(Assumes new law already passed.)

We need to pass a law to ensure reduction of auto emissions. (Assumes law not yet passed.)

Nancy asks…

What are good beauty products to bring back from Mexico that you cant find in the states?

I am going to be in mexico for the next two weeks, What beauty products can I find in Mexico that I can not find in the states that work well. Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

Vitacilina, it’s a cream in a green tube, and it helps a lot with boo-boos (sorry i don’t know the word, but when you hurt yourself), also with dry, and sore lips. WHen you have a cold, and you get sore nose caused by the tissue, it also helps.
Beauty products like mascara here in mexico are really cheap, (like, a dollar) those i guess are chinese products, but in the U.S. Probably banned since i have never been able to find them. Personally I love APPLE products, the mascara and the eye pencil. Another brand is uña maravilla, it a little nail enamel (it stinks, i warn you, lol) but it really makes your nails be stronger; there’s a mascara called ALARGA,and I love it too.
All of these are products that my family in the U.S. Always ask for.

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