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Mary asks…

How was Mexico able to transition to a democracy from its history as a centralized nation?

Mexico revolutions: What were key turning points that led to democracy in Mexico?
The United Mexican States are a federation whose government is representative, democratic and republican based on a congressional system according to the 1917 Constitution. (Wikipedia)

Tijuana answers:

Mexico is a democracy?
You should further your research before saying such silly things.

James asks…

What causes the poverty in Mexico that makes them want to come to America?

We have family friends that are first generation Mexican Americans. Since they are legal, they are able to take trips to Mexico and back. The younger fellow commented that Mexico is mostly desert, and they had to put nets over their little house to protect from scorpions. And they still had them in the house. Is the desert climate the worst thing? Or is it corruption? Or is it they like America in general? Or other?

Tijuana answers:

A corrupt govt and a few very wealthy individuals, keep the masses in poverty. And no, Mexico has many natural resources, that are controlled by a few…

Paul asks…

Why exactly do some of the residents of Mexico illegally cross the border to live in America?

Mexico is not a 3rd World impoverished Country, What’s wrong with Mexico?

If there are any Mexican citizens on line, would you please answer the question?

Tijuana answers:

Most Mexicans who cross the border without papers either look for work or need to be with family. You can read an interview on the subject at

No, Mexico is not part of the Third World. (For that matter, the Third World ended with the Cold War. We now have simply the underdeveloped, the developed, and the … Err … Overdeveloped.) What’s wrong with Mexico is neoliberalismo; that deserves a section of its own.

The border you mention is only a century and a half old. People have been crossing it and recrossing it even before it became a border, so why stop now? The area has always been semi-nomadic.

The most recent pressure on northward migration has been NAFTA and the disenfranchisement of our agricultural population from their land. Mexico now imports its corn from the United States. Mexico now imports ninety percent of its chiles from China. Our farmers have become unemployable because of international competition: they are now looking for any way at all to feed their families.

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