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Mexico All Inclusive Honeymoon

Sharon asks…

What site is the best for finding all inclusive vacations?

I am looking for an allinclusive vacation to Mexico for my honeymoon and im wondering if anyone can tell me from experience what site got you the best value?

Tijuana answers:

Stay away from the internet sites. These are booking agents. Contact your local travel agent and tell them the areas you are thinking about and give them a dollar amount you are willing to spend. They have all the information on everyone. They will tell you what is available in those areas and you can use the internet to get more information on the vacations that are in your budget.
It does not cost any more to use a travel agent than to go direct to the property and you will get someone to represent you locally that will look after your booking. This is also time saving for you as they are kowledgable about different clubs and can make recommendations.

Laura asks…

What is the best all inclusive resort in Mexico for a wedding?

My fiancee and i have never been to Mexico, but are planning to go there for our wedding/honeymoon. It will jsut be the two of us and we want to spend $5K. We would prefer an all inclusive (so we don’t have to worry about tabs, etc), a place that offers water activities (jet skiing, parasailing, etc), some form of other activities and night entertainment, rooms that are nice with comfy bed, a tv, jacuzzi, hotel with a nice beach/pools, and one that has a nice variety of restaurants with different food options. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone!! Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

What you’re looking for you’ll find under that budget for sure! All inclusive resorts are great!

You can look at this web sites also…

Donna asks…

Where are the cheapest tropical places to honeymoon?

For our honeymoon my fiance and I want to relax on a beautiful beach, go snorkeling and jet skiing and enjoy beautiful, relaxing scenery and preferably mountains. We’re on a budget though and can’t go over $2500 for our whole trip. Any ideas?

Tijuana answers:

Go off season! Stay away from the airport you are flying into. The beaches are nicer anyway. I recently went to Peurto Vallarta, Mexico. $1235 for two all inclusive (includes airfare, transportation to/from airport to resort and all the food and drinks) for 7days 6 nights. For $80 we rented ATV’s that went to a Tequila farm. For $180 we loaded onto a boat that took us to horseback up a mountain to swim under a waterfall. Then back on the boat to a secluded beach (8 people on this tour) for lunch, snorkeling and kayaking. We rented a Jet ski right on the beach near our resort for $60 an hr.We took the bus downtown twice for $1.35 Added it up to less than $1600

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