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Mexico All Inclusive Honeymoon

Steven asks…

What is the cost of things in mexico riviera maya?

A general idea of what things cost in mexico. How much money to bring on a two week all inclusive honeymoon to Mexico riviera maya.

Tijuana answers:

Anyone that has travelled extensively through Mexico, in My case , as I recall there are 5 of the 31 states that I have yet to see will tell you Cancun is the most expensive place in Mexico by far and away. Like I like to say Cancun is in Mexico but Mexico is not in Cancun. Technically you don`t have to pay anything including tips as you are not presented with a Bill. I think out will be closer to Playa del Carmen for any shopping needs. Some bars on the riviera are open 24 hours a day and the larger resorts have open Restaurants all day.
You can expect heat and Humidity that I particularly, can`t tolerate.
I can tell you that regardless of how expensive Cancun is , you will still find it a Bargain compared to the UK

Betty asks…

What is the coolest (temperature) part of the Mexican Caribbean to vacation in July?

My fiancee and I are planning an allinclusive Honeymoon in the Mexican Caribbean this July, but we have been warned that it is very hot. She is a light skinned Irish girl, and wants to go but is concerned with it being “too hot”. Are there cooler parts of Mexico – what are good spots to consider, and to stay away from?

Tijuana answers:

All of the Caribbean is warm in July. She needs to wear a hat and sunglasses. Make sure you get one of those huts on the beach to hide under away from the sun. The sun is the hottest from 12:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. Do your touring in the morning. Hopefully the resort you are staying at has air conditioning.

I have been to Mexico in March, May and October and it was a nice hot. I was never too hot. I don’t know about July. I love the sea and if I felt too warm, I jumped into the ocean to cool off.

Maybe a cruise to Alaska in July is more her speed. Some people can’t handle the heat.

Good Luck)

Chris asks…

How much should you spend on a honeymoon?!?

Future hubby and I are planning the honeymoon. How much do you think is an appropriate amount to spend?

We want to go to mexico to an all inclusive resort. Any suggestions? Anyone heard or been to Secrets Maroma in Riviera Maya or The ROYAL in Playa del Carmen?


Tijuana answers:

You spend what you can afford. We are going to California for 9 days and will be spending about $5k. Look around online for deals on those all-inclusive places, my friend and her husband went to Sandals for their honeymoon for like $1300 for 4 days.

Good luck!

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