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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Family

William asks…

How much money to bring on vacation?

I’m going with my family on vacation to an all inclusive resort and I won’t be paying for excursions or anything that expensive but I still wanna have enough to shop. How much do things cost in Mexico? Should I bring dollars or pesos?

Tijuana answers:

Both, if i were you

Susan asks…

What is the best all-inclusive resort in Cancun or Los Cabos for families?

Looking for a beautiful 4-5 star allinclusive resort for families with the best (beautiful) beaches and good amenities.

Tijuana answers:

In Cancun and Riviera Maya I will recommend you The Grand Mayan it is the best of the the best. It has been built by the biggest timeshare operator in Mexico, Mayan Resorts.

Michael asks…

If staying at an all inclusive resort in cancun, would a 17 year old be able to drink?

I know the drinking age in Mexico is 18, but I heard that it’s not strictly enforced. I’m going to Cancun with my friend and her family and we’re staying at an all inclusive resort and I was just wondering if it will be harder for us to drink there than if we were out at a bar or restaurant or something.

Tijuana answers:

You won’t have a problem being served, as long as you don’t get really intoxicated they usually are pretty standard to serve unless you look under 12.

Have fun =)

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