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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Reviews

Mary asks…

Looking for a good all-inclusive resort/hotel in Cancun…any suggestions?

My boyfriend and I are taking a vacation this spring and are wanting to check out Cancun. We would like to do all inclusive for ease of dinner and drinks, etc. Have checked out a few and read reviews but still unsure which route to take. Any suggestions??

Tijuana answers:

There are so many people that own timeshares in Mexico that no longer have the time to go. The cheapest and easiest route for you is renting timeshares from a timeshare resale website. You’re able to go to most of these resorts for a week with pricing ranging from $300-$1000. It’s insane! Check out My rental agents name is Debbie Roy. Below are some links for you to check out.

Cancun Rentals:

Rental website:

Sharon asks…

where should i go on my gradation vacation?

I am graduating class of 2011 and my sister went on a big trip when she graduated now my mom is asking where i want to go, it can be any where even foriegn, i cant think of where i would like to go. For my sisters trip we went to mexico to a all inclusive resort. so could you tell me where would be a good place to go and why and possible a few neat things to do and experince there thanks

Tijuana answers:

What about a snow lodge in Canada?

Or maybe Greece.. I went and I fell in love(:

Donna asks…

Can anyone give me some honest first hand reviews of Negril (beach), Jamaica? Both good and bad please!?

We’ve booked our wedding for Couples Swept Away for next year but are worried we’ll be confined to our hotel since we’ve heard both good reviews (of the hotel) and bad reviews of the area on leaving the confines of the resort.

Tijuana answers:

Swept away is nice all-inclusive and you will be pampered as with all the other all-inclusives. Even the other hotels along the beach are nice as well. And everyone has their favorites.
But, negril and all the other tourst cities in JA, for that matter, are not the ‘dodge city’ that folks make it out to be. First, tourists on the WHOLE, are not knocked on the head and dragged away somewheres. JA officials as well as the local business people and people living and working in these tourist areas are well aware that tourtism dollars move their local economy and tourists are not robbed and raped on the regular, nor are the hotel room doors at decent hotels, kicked in and the occupants lined up,robbed and shot, just the fun of it. I have seen a ‘drunk as a skunk’ tourist, at a nite venue, with live music and big crowds, fall flat on his face, have no idea where he was at and people helping him and making sure that he was returned to his hotel in one piece. As far as the gangs go. Gangs are in JA and everywhere else in the world, for that matter, they are like roaches, all over and come out when the lights are off and scatter when they are turned on.

I often, hang out at nite, partying or having dinner, drive a rented car, know people as far away as st elizabeth, manderville, savlamar and have no problem visiting any of these areas. But in saying that, i don’t stop and pick up strangers, don’t drive to far places without my JA friends with me, don’t act like a rock-star or santa claus, and keep my respect for people just as i want to be respected myself. And i keep my eyes open for trouble, just as i keep them open when i step out of my front door where i live.

As far as getting ‘got’ as they say, getting robbed or worse, if your going to get ‘got’ your going to get ‘got’!!! No matter where in the world you may be, england, france, NYC, mexico, italy, you name it. If your walking around a city, with your head up your ass, looking like you don’t know up from down and you have no reason being where you are at the time, then my friend, you will be ‘got’ for sure. I mean, would you walk thru central park at 1 in morning by yourself?

My advice would be to get a travel document of the area for some atracttions or check the tour guide desk at the hotel for some activities you would enjoy, day or nite, go with a group or with a rep from the all-inclusive or tour guide desk and enjoy yourself. Then using that same person maybe hire a car with a driver, take your new found tour guide friend (they usually have no problem working off the books, per say and at least you know where they work at), if you hit it off with him/her and see some of the real JA, they would know where to take you and enjoy yourself. Natrue sites, springs, rivers, etc. Remember, it is just a vacation, where you are supposed to be enjoying yourself and relaxing, not stressing over what could happen. If that was the case then most of us would not even step foot out of our own front door!
Congrats on your wedding, the most important thing, and enjoy life together, that is really what counts!!!

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