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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Reviews

Mandy asks…

Where is the best place to go in the Caribbean for 4 nights/3 days for a couple to relax without their kids?

Tijuana answers:

If you are from the East Coast, Bermuda is a very short plane ride so you don’t waste what little time you have flying. Elbow Beach is a wonderful resort that I can recommend. The island is easy to maneuver on a scooter and you can get from one side to the other in that amount of time (Hamilton is bigger with more shopping but also more touristy and more cruise lines port there). St. Georges is quaint and not as touristy, but there also isn’t a whole lot to see and do. Certainly worth an afternoon though.

You said Caribbean but can I also recommend The Royal Hideaway Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. They don’t allow anyone under the age of 18 (it might be 16, but I think it is 18). It is what they call a Super All-Inclusive…you don’t have to wear wristbands or anything, it is very high end and romantic. You stay in your villa and have access to your own concierge (by villa) who will book your dinner reservations at one of their 5 restaurants (they might have 6 now. It’s been 3 years since we’ve been there and can’t wait to get back!). And the food is amazing! Really. We are foodies and considered SOME of the dinners there as good as any expensive meal in the states (of course there were a few things we didn’t like but individual tastes vary). It is close enough to see some ruins, there is a nice eco park nearby and you can take a ferry to Cozumel for an afternoon. There is no nightlife…if you look up reviews on the place you will see that is the biggest negative it receives. But personally, if you are looking for a resort to go to with your significant other where there aren’t kids, don’t you pretty much make your own nightlife?? It’s very romantic. Biggest drawback? You generally take the flight into Cancun with everyone going to party there (sorry those who love Cancun, we had a VERY bad experience with our flight and those on it) and then the drive to the resort is about 2 hours if I remember correctly. We felt it was well worth it.

Robert asks…

Know of any all inclusive getaways where we can get married?

Other than Sandals. We’ve looked there, but I’d like more options. It can be in the US also. It doesn’t have to be a tropical place either. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
barb s- if you don’t mind me asking, what was the name of the resort that your daughter went to?

Thank you so much barb s!

Tijuana answers:

Every all-inclusive we’ve ever been to has wedding packages. I would just pick a spot and then go from there. My daughter just got married in Jamaica on New Years Eve, and had alot of fun going through all the travel books trying to find what she wanted.
She chose a smaller resort in Jamaica, after looking at Mexico, The Dominican Republic & Cuba. (From western Canada, the only places with non-stop flights)
She chose Jamaica because the official language is English. In the other countries mentioned, all the documents have to be translated back & forth from Spanish to English and then back again. She really wanted a stress free wedding, so couldn’t be bothered with the extra work.
The wedding turned out beautifully

Sure, it was The Royal Decameron Montego Bay. You can checkout for the reviews

Linda asks…

Which Mexico Hotel should we choose?

We will be booking a weeks all inclusive holiday to mexico for May 2009 but cant decide which hotel to choose. We’ve narrowed it down to either the Catalonia Riviera Maya or the Grand Palladium Colonial Resort & Spa. Which one would you choose and why????

Tijuana answers:

Click the first link below to read 1,363 reviews of the Catalonia Riviera Maya .

Click the second link below to read 747 reviews of the Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort and Spa.

I would lean towards the Grand Palladium (if I could only choose between those two) just because it got a 5 on the TripAdvisor Popularity Index and the other one got a 6. But you can probably flip a coin and not get bad vacaction.

But if I could choose any all-inclusive resort, I’d probaby lean towards something on the Bookit website. Click the third link to see some of the deals they have now.

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