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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Reviews

Robert asks…

Best all-inclusive w/ snorkeling beach in Mexico?

We are planning a trip to Mexico in May around Cancun or south of (cancun) to like Playa del Carmen. What is the best all-incusive hotel in that area where the snorkeling is good ??

It is important to use for it to be Allinclusive, good beach (on ocean)

Tijuana answers:

Don’t listen to the above post. The murder happened mid last year and was not part of any kind of a rash of tourist murders or anything. (research Ianiero murder Barcelo resort).

I would have to HIGHLY recommend any of the IBEROSTAR resorts, most particularly THE LINDO or THE MAYA (though BEACH and DEL MAR which are adjacent properties are nice too). I do not know your budget but IBEROSTAR also owns the TOUCAN which is a lot cheaper but not as fantastic as the others. At any of their resorts you can snorkle off the beach and all are all-inclusive. However, the snorkling off ANY resorts beach in Mexico will not be as good as other places you can easily hop a ride or get a tour to. If snorkeling is your thing, definitely do the snorkle trip done by Marina Maroma……go to Xel-Ha eco park……and go to Akumal to Yal Ku Lagoon. Those three offer the best snorkeling. (particularly Marina Maroma). These resorts as well as the snorkeling sites I mentioned can be looked up on the web or you can read reviews about them at Tripadvisor online.

A place you may want to see in Playa del Carmen is a bar restaurant called Alux (pronounced aloosh). It is a place created inside a natural cave and has stallagtites and stallagmites, a stone stairway, chandliers, waterfall….etc. It is very unusual.

For nearby history and culture, Tulum is relatively close to Playa. Here you can see ruins without going all the way to Chitzintiza (however you spell it).

Hope this helps. I have been there 5 times. The above would be my best recommendations.

David asks…

what are some good all inclusive resorts for families, in the carribean?

Tijuana answers:

Cancun Mexico or Dominican Rupublic have wonderful all-inclusive resorts.
Go to this site and you will find hundreds of reviews that visitors post. This will help you decide.


It’s hard to suggest since I don’t know where you will be traveling from, how many in your family, the ages and what your budget is. Also when you plan to take this trip.

I wish you luck in your research.

Lizzie asks…

Please tell me any pros or cons of getting married in Mexico?

I am getting married this summer at an all inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen, 45 minutes south of Cancun. The resort is Playacar Palace and was booked through Fun Jet Vacations. I still have 45 days to cancel if need be.

Has anyone had or been to a Wedding there? Please provide any feedback either negative or positive.

Thanks so much.

Tijuana answers:

Hi! I haven’t personally been to this resort so I can’t offer up any details about it.. You can, however, go to type in your hotel name and it will bring up HUNDREDS of reviews from travelers with pictures & everything. There ar forums on there also where you can post this question & get answers from previous guests of the resort. HAVE FUN! There are NO CONS! 🙂 Here’s a direct link –
be sure to click on “Candid Traveler Photos” too so you can see what the resort REALLY looks like

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