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Mexico City

Carol asks…

Where can i find cheap tickets to mexico city?

Im planning a trip to mexico city next month and id like to know what website i can purchase the cheapest tickets from I would be leaving from illinois.

Tijuana answers:


Plug in your from and to information and your dates and select all the compare sites. It will compare all the flights flying out of your city and should find the lowest ticket rate. Try different dates–many times a mid-week flight will be cheaper than a weekend flight.

Charles asks…

Can Anyone tell me about Air Pollution in Mexico City and what is being done to prevent it?

I am going to write a paper on Mexico City and the pollution in the city– can anyone tell me any steps the government and/or citizens are taking to prevent further damage to the environment or things along those lines?

Thank You!

Tijuana answers:

A HUGE amount is being done about it. The MILAGRO air polltion campaign is spending loads of money to try to figure out the air pollution problem in Mexico city.

Go to this website to learn more about it.


You can toggle between the “beginner,” “intermediate,” and “advanced” tabs to get different levels of information.

There are results and everything on the webpage

William asks…

What should I visit in one morning/afternoon in Mexico City?

I will be in Mexico City this Saturday for one morning and early afternoon (approx 9am to 3pm). What are the main sights I should see in this timespan? Any suggestions would be appreciated

Tijuana answers:

Mmm tough question. Mexico City is a very large, overpopulated city with many interesting sites and complicated transportation logistics.

You could visit downtown (Zocalo) and in there have a good sample of: pre-hispanic culture, colonial architecture, and plenty of characters. They do have some Aztec ruins, a museum, several colonial museums, the Cathedral, many shops, plenty of Cantinas (typical bars to eat and drink), etc. You can visit the Bellas Artes theater, and the Alameda (park with flea market kind of shops.

Be care full with your time if you are in Mexico City on a fly stop, you need to take in consideration the time it will take you to pass immigration, catch taxi, etc leaving airport and transport to and from airport. Any ride in Mexico city can easily take one hour each way.

Have fun.

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