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Mexico City

Thomas asks…

How long does it take to drive from US-Mexico border to Mexico City?

I will be driving from eastern Texas. How much time would it take to drive from the border to Mexico City? And do you think it would be worthwhile/possible to cut the trip in half by stopping in Monterrey? How long would it take to drive from Monterrey to Mexico City?

Tijuana answers:

See map and info below. I find this to be the best site to use for Mexico. However, it is always too short on the time…need to add about 3 hrs to be realistic. You would also need to buy a Mexican road atlas…the Guia Roji…see 2nd site…you can order it from Monterrey is only 3 hrs form the border, so not a good stopping place. Ciudad Victoria would be good. You would need a Mexican car permit…see 3rd site. Also, Mexican car insurance…see 4th site for my favorite. Now..if you have not driven in Mexico before, it can be very challenging. You might find you would be happier taking the bus. Mexican buses are luxurious and cheap. You can take a bus all the way fromMcAllen to mexico City…safer, happier. And you certainly do NOT want to drive in Mexico City. See next site for a sample…for Senda bus line…price is $75.oo from McAllen to Mexico City. There are several other lines that also make this trip…many departures everyday. You could cal the station in McAllen for more info as it is difficuot to find on line. See last site. Youcould probably also get connections from Houston. It is cheaper and safer to take the bus. You would definetly need to allow 2 days to drive as you CANNOT drive after sunset in Mexico due to poor road conditions and animals on the road…so you would have hotel expense too.

Betty asks…

Why did Mexico City’s population increase faster than the population of Mexico as a whole?

Between 1970 ans 1990, the population of Mexico City doubled. During the same time period, however, the population of Mexico as a whole only increased by about 1.7 times… Why did Mexico City‘s population increase faster than the population of Mexico as a whole?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico’s agricultural sector underwent drastic changes in recent decades for many reasons (business consolidation, changes in the market, NAFTA), and it became harder for many small farmers to survive in the country. Thus, there has been a huge migration to the Mexico City metropolis, where people could find jobs or business opportunities. Other cities, such as those along the border, saw similar influxes of country folk seeking jobs in factories.

In addition to this migration, other countryfolk left Mexico entirely to go to the United States in search of work.

Sandy asks…

What is the address bus station in mexico city?

I’ll be taking the greyhound bus from Oklahoma city to mexico city i know i switch to a different bus when i hit the border but when i arrive to mexico city where do i go? Is there taxis and stuff and what is the stations address? Thanks

Tijuana answers:

There is only one bus station in Mexico city and there are plenty taxi’s, you won’t have a problem at all finding one. This is the address:

Terminal de Autobuses de Pasajeros de Oriente – TAPO
Ignacio Zaragoza 200
10 de Mayo, Venustiano Carranza, 15290 Mexico City, Distrito Federal

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