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Mexico Drug War

Richard asks…

Whats a good title for a research paper on the Mexican drug war?

My paper is about the history, current status, and ways to solve the drug war.

Tijuana answers:

Mexico the new battle frontier

Betty asks…

Has Mexico’s Drug War had any Impact on Meth in the USA?

The Mexican government has sent troops to deal with the drug cartals and even though the Mexican government may loose it has had a significant impact on cocaine supplies in theUSA. The article below is about the drop in cocaine in Canada.

Since the majority of meth is made in Mexico has its availabilty been affected by the crackdown?

Tijuana answers:

Drug War in Mexico? That’s joke and there is no such a thing; the Drug cartels have many Mexican military, police and government officers on their pockets and everybody knows it.

Yes they do some “arrests” but that’s just for shows and mostly to get rid of the competition.

If there is a shortage of meths in Canada it has nothing to do with the so called “drug war”. There are many other factors that affect the supply in Canada. Besides drug dealer are always competing for control so they need not much of an excuse to kill each-other.

Maria asks…

How bad are the drug wars in Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

The drug war in Mexico is killing many people and not just those involved in the drug trade. The gangs are attacking civilians in the government and killing not only them but bystanders (including children) as well. They have even attacked a military base. It has gotten to the point that the University of Texas recalled all students, teachers and staff from Mexico because of the danger. During spring break when many Texas students normally go to Mexico it was strongly advised against because these gangs were targeting Americans. The violence is starting to spill across the border into American communities that border Mexico. Frankly, at this time, I wouldn’t go to Mexico or near the border.

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