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Mexico Drug War

Donald asks…

should US stay out of Mexico’s drug war?

I’m writing a position paper on Mexico‘s drug war and the US involvement. I need some sources that state why U.S. should not get involved. Any help?

Tijuana answers:

The US government needs to stop violating the constitution and end the war on drugs. If a constitutional amendment was needed to ban alcohol, why wasn’t one needed to ban any other plant or plant derivative? The US government incarcerates more of it’s own citizens than any other nation and most of them are locked up for non violent drug offenses. The war on drug’s causes gangs to fight over turf to sell the drugs at highly inflated black market prices that makes criminals rich, kills innocent people, makes drugs of unknown content and purity that causes more people to die of OD’s or tainted drugs, and wastes billions of tax payer dollars and guess what, anyone who wants drugs can and still does get them and use them.

I wonder why the Mexican drug cartels aren’t selling aspirin or alcohol… Oh yea, because it’s not profitable to do so because they are legal. If you want to end Mexican gang violence end the war on drugs.

Linda asks…

Mexico Drug War Research paper?

I have to do a research paper on the problems in Mexico, so I am doing the drug war. The second half of the research paper is to come up with a real life solution to the problem. In other words, I need to come up with a solution to the drug war in Mexico. Please help!!! Thanks 🙂

Tijuana answers:

There are several controversial solutions to the drug war which are often discussed in the media: 1) legalizing certain drugs like marajuana: if the demand for such drugs decrease then the profit also decreases which may result in less violence. In places where drugs are legal. I.e. Amsterdam, the amount of violence connected with drugs is low. 2) More aid to Mexico and developing their economy is another suggestion……..hope this helps.

Ken asks…

any thing on mexico drug war?

Tijuana answers:

Drugs come from all over the world, not just mexico, if we eradicate mexico, demand in the Us would rise, and we would buy from some one else. No win

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