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Mexico Flag

James asks…

Notice the similarity among the Mexico, Italy, and Ireland flags?

Can anyone explain why they are similar in term of the same order of color green, white, and red?

The only thing that distinguish Mexico flag from the other two flags is that Mexico flag has a picture of and eagle in the middle.

Please, be as descriptive as possible.
When I said :”the similarity” I mean the political representation.

Thank you for the correction about the Ireland flag‘s colors.

Tijuana answers:

Well, the Italian flag and the Irish share the same colors and tones. But the Mexican flag is similar to the other twos but with strong colors. Very strong and bright green and red. In the center has the shield of the eagle. It is a Imperial Eagle and it is standing over a cactus and is eating a snake or serpent. We have a legend in Mexico that they say, the Mexicans were looking for the land to settle and the signal from Quetzalcoatl was that they were going to see in the middle of the lake a small portion of land and cactus and on top the eagle devouring a serpent. So they keep walking and finally they found what their God told them. And Tenochtitlan was founded in the same site, so that’s why we have our Eagle in the middle of our flag in the white part. The green means our land, the white the eternal snow that covers the volcanoes and the red the blood of our heroes who died for our motherland. I hope that I help you.

Richard asks…

why do you think someone would spray america over a mexico flag?

i seen it on posted a wall
here in los angeles

Tijuana answers:

When your in a country, there flag comes first, plain and simple, want respect for yours, respect theirs.

Michael asks…

Six Flags Parks?

Can anyone tell me all the Six Flags parks and what city and state they are in?


<3 <3 <3

Tijuana answers:

Six Flags America, Baltimore/Washington DC
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo
Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio
Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey
Six Flags Great America, Chicago
Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Los Angeles
Six Flags Mexico, Mexico City
Six Flags New England, Springfield, MA
Six Flags Over Georgia, Atlanta
Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, between Dallas and Ft. Worth
Six Flags St. Louis
Six Flags Wild Safari, New Jersey
The Great Escape, Lake George, NY

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