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Mexico Flag

John asks…

Why do Mexicans always tell everybody how great Mexico is & they will carry Mexico flags & wear t-shirts?

Why do Mexicans always tell everybody how great Mexico is & they will carry & wear Mexico flags & wear t-shirts having pics of the Mexico flag in the background with printed bold letters, they say undocumented and unafraid and always chant we are here and we are staying, viva Mexico ?Illegals profess so much love for Mexico, wouldn’t we be helping them by sending them home to the Mexico they are always boasting about ?

Tijuana answers:

Any American knows that they don’t come here to become Americans they come for the hand outs that our govt gives them.If we took away all incentives for them to be here they would leave and return home ASAP.Its ll about the free stuff.

Donna asks…

Why do actvists for illegals say our flag is a meaninless piece of cloth & has no real value?

In fact supporters of illegals do not see any real problems with the Mexico flag flying high in the sky with the America flag below it. Their new claim is just piece of cloth and it does not represent anything.Why would supporters of illegal mexicans be fine with the Mexico flag flying above the America flag ?

Tijuana answers:

Most of them are ready to give America to Mexico allowing the Mexican gov to take over the daily operations of America. They praise and glorify Mexico as an shinning example of what every country should be like. They want illegals to be allowed to drive without licenses or insurance.They do not want any illegal checked for immigration status and this includes no matter what the crime is. They want illegals to have all the rights of Americans, expect they must be given their own new set of laws. They want illegals from Mexico to be free to come and go as they please, not to have any id’s, expect the police to accept whatever information an illegal gives without an id to be the gospel truth. Want illegals to have free college educations. Many are open to illegals holding public office, be allowed to vote without an id. Many want illegals to receive social security benefits since they used fake of stolen numbers is beside the point. Believe illegals shall get medicare and medicaid as their fake or stolen ss number did pay into the system.They believe the America flag should be replaced with the Mexico flag .Even Obama had to be forced to wear an American flag pin.Even Obama turned his back on the national anthem.To many this flag means nothing

I read from this question as follows.It’s a piece of cloth for goodness sake. Get over it.

Soldiers do not die for the flag. They die protecting this country.


She maintains it is cotton woven together that does not have any real special meaning.
Good to know where you stand

Mandy asks…

Why do the Mexicans insist on turning America into another Mexico with the same corrupted government?

I’ve heard many Mexicans say a Mexico flag will some day be flying high across MexAmerica they call it.

Tijuana answers:

Last week an agent was killed in CA and I was terrified because a close friend works in that area, Imperial. He has 5 step kids and he is a Euro immigrant who went through all of the steps to be legal. To keep us safe I think the border fence should extend into the country of Mexico so we don’t have all of the illegal mess and violence right at our border. Lots of money goes into Mexico to assist family members to cross over. I think these financial practices should be investigated. Europe has open borders and the crime is doubling in areas that had it good until the criminals showed up.

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