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Mexico Flag

Donna asks…

Do you agree with supporters they want to hand US over to Mexico have Mex rule of law Mex flag at white house?

Have Mexico flags at all federal buildings ? Discontinue America laws as unjust and breaks up families.Have U.S. troops and all equipment under control of Mexico. Abolish the border.Make spanish the OFFICIAL language, since supporters and illegals say. America cannot do anything right.

Tijuana answers:

We have been handing the US over to Mexico for decades.To hang the Mexican flag on federal buildings would only be a formality..

Besides it would only improve the us,look how well they have done with Mexico, and all Latino towns and neighborHOODS in the US.They are just superior people…

Spain didn’t loose the war with Mexico,they were tired of feeding them and left..

William asks…

Why do we cater so much to Hispanics?

Why is everything in english and spanish, they are in our country they should learn English, not us learn spanish. The other day I saw a car with a huge mexico flag drapped over a car, how disrespectful is that?

I am tired of illegal immigrants abusing the welfare system. My aunt has had welfare for 22 years, she has her own business and still milking this state and this nation.

I am hispanic and I am glad that I was raised the appropriate way. My mother was damned if I was going to be another statistic of parents taking advantage of the system. My mother and father came here the wrong way but they received their Permanent Staus immediately. Some people have lived here for 70 yrs. and do not know one lick of english, and all because we cater to them. What do you think?
Constitution I believe was written in English not spanish, nor native American, or Swahili. Our past historical leaders built this nation.

My ? was regarding America not other nations, I understand you would like to make a point regarding this issue Qoogirl, but keep it an American topic.
There is only a 38% OTM. Other than mexican ratio of illegal immigrants look it up on KFI640 website. Get your answers before you start talking from your heart instead of your brain. Your parents are illegals to I presume.

Tijuana answers:

Because they are the second greatest amount of voters. Another I heard that immigrants can vote as well, I could be wrong but sometimes I feel like a minority. Something else I heard was that raises are based on more than just senority but as well as well as speaking Spanish. Myself personally I do not feel I should have to learn it. I agree with you in retrospect; I go places sometimes and I ask a question of the person in the store or what not and they tell me how they dont speak english very well. Damn it………I wish sometimes that I could leave sometimes but this is my home. Mexicans already have a home to go to.

In my city they come out every day in the morning and stand on the street corners looking for work. Alot of them get it too…..When I am looking for a job I wish I could just go out and stand on the corner and get picked up. No I have to go and file applications and pay taxes and take drug tests and provide criminal records. Man I can see why they like it here so much.

All that said….. U just have to do like me and most people and except the fact that like u said as long as we cater to them they will keep coming here and taking jobs and healhtcare that people were born here have trouble getting.

By the way u would think after 9/11/2001 they would do something about the border problem but hey maybe next time right. I would think that is a major part of homeland security.

Chris asks…

how to put flag over face of fav soccer team in facebook?

ok i see people putting like mexico flags over there pics faces like mexico or usa etc how do they do this ?

Tijuana answers:

Wrong section, we talk about futbol, not about making pics. Try the internet section. Have a nice day

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