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Mexico Map

Charles asks…

I have a gps tomtom one n14644 preloaded with canada and USA maps need mexico maps?

I need to know if there is a way to load mexico maps to it and how

Tijuana answers:

Call their customer service number and ask.They do have Mexico maps, but I cannot find for which models on-line, so best to ask them.

Linda asks…

Where can I find an atlas of Mexico and with routes all labeled?

I want an atlas of Mexico or map of Mexico with all of the main routes, roads, cities, and highways. Where can I find one and how much would it cost?

Tijuana answers:

The Guia Roji is the best Mexican road atlas, with many maps of different regions, all highways, toll roads, distance charts, city maps. Can buy it in many large book stores or order on line at

Betty asks…

is there a website where you can find driving directions from usa to mexico?

I need to find driving directions from Arkansas to Michoacan, Mexico or a map of mexico
Thank you Marie9 I found my directions!!!

Tijuana answers:


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