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Mexico National Team

Lisa asks…

What do you think: Will Mexico advance to the knockout stage in the 2012 London Olympics? Why?

Is the Mexico national under-23 football team advancing to the knockout stage? Is Mexico good at beating Switzerland? Please share your thoughts.

Tijuana answers:

I think they can do it. They’re in a favorable position to do so.

Steven asks…

Who’s tired of this Mexico national soccer team can’t get opponents for preparation for the world cup?

It seems because they care more about money than their national team its sad.
Another reason is because Mexico doesnt want to sell the game in United states in TV or they want to much money…. Im tired of this and Im mexican and thats why we can’t get good because everybody wants money. Look at USA they have games with good teams Netherlands and three other games and look at Mexico one game vs New Zealand worst team ever lol. Or what do you guys think

Tijuana answers:

Haha, now that you mentioned it, it’s true. If managers want to make more money they should TRAIN with the big boys, so that when World Cup comes by , they atleast get a feel what it’s like to play with them and have a bigger chance of beating them.

Big boys as in European Countries or African… Europeans mostly.

John asks…

How does Mexico work it’s sub17 and sub15 national teams?

Like how are the players convocados and what’s the whole process of them. Many of the players in the national team haven’t even debuted in a first tier league, that’s why i’m wondering.

Tijuana answers:

They have a sub 15?? Dam i think tryouts or sometimes teams like america, chivas, have a mini club, dont know how explain it but maybe this will help to get my explanation

Messi use to play with a barcelona since he was 13, not saying he was playing professional but to help see it there good for the future hope this help

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