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Mexico News

Susan asks…

What are some controversial topics in current news that I can write about?

I need to write an opinion piece about something that’s debatable on the news. Howeever, i need to relate it to U.S. history.

Any topics?
Has to be recent news!

Tijuana answers:

The drug bleeding coming from Mexico into the U.S. (Mexican drug war)
There are thousands of people dying.


Lizzie asks…

Is crime in Mexico that bad? How safe is the place for an English speaking visitor?

I am considering a one-year work visit to Ciudad Juarez. With all the news reports about drugs, violent crime and ruthless gangs in the border regions, I’m a bit worried about the general safety standards. Some locals have advised me not to walk out on the streets alone.

Where I come from in California, I don’t really have to watch my back – that’s because I really enjoy long walks. It’s part of my daily routine which I don’t want to give up.

Tijuana answers:

Mhhh. I am going to tell you from my experience.

Since this Mexican drug war exploded, many americans sttoped crossing along the Mexican border. I didn’t because, dangerous circumnstances are everywhere. I am still travel to Mexican side, drinking and shopping; obviously with many precautions.

But after that, the Mexican people is the same.

Sandra asks…

Could Americans send Mexicos El Presidente a bill for taking care of his citizens?

Dallas Morning News 2010: In 2009 11,071 babies of illegal Mexican were born in Parkland hosptial at taxpayer expense. Taxpayers will also have to pay for their education when they are of age. Is this right for the taxpayer who already strapped for funds.

Tijuana answers:

What if Mexico gave us one free barrel of oil daily for every illegal that resides here?

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