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Mexico Soccer

Helen asks…

Can we beat Mexico in Soccer?

I think so! The U.S has a really good soccer team…

Tijuana answers:

Us does have a good soccer team they all run n hit but they dont play with the ball mexico is not a hiting team so thats y they sometimes lose. But mexico is a way better team still they have improved a lot and itll be really hard for the us to win although its gonna be a tight score

Charles asks…

mexico’s soccer team?

it was a good win i hope they have confidence know that they won and hope they win the next games
but being onset here people im not trying to sound bad but is mexico really going to make to the World cup i think they will if they play good and have confidence in the mexico jersey and them self’s and play like a team

any one else think oswaldo sanchez should of take in oscar perez spot oscar is not trying he ducked on the goal from T&T anyone saw that does any one agree here i think they only put oscar because of experience but oswaldo is a little better i think so oh yea

Tijuana answers:

Mexico honesty coming from a mexican…..did not play that well….
They missed many shoots one on one. They did win…..but they need to work on their finshing if they want to bet the United States in Mexico…….But i agree memo should be in goal……he going to the world cup the starter and younger…..

Mandy asks…

Mexico vs USA soccer game August 12, whats your opinion?

Man this game has been talked about by a whole grip of people everyday!
they say “Oh Mexico is gonna get whooped this time, they got lucky on the first game because of our missing stars”
but then again mexico was missing many of their star players too.

i personally think Mexico is going to win again,
it might not be as easy as last game but they’ll take it again.

whats your opinion?
what do you think the final score is going to be?

Tijuana answers:

I think Mexico could pull a victory on August 12th, like you said It ain’t gna be easy, but Mexico has advantage for this game.. USA might be playing better right now, but Mexico is Mexico.. And to lose in the Azteca is not a option.. So i think mexico will win like they did in 2005, 2-1!

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