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Mexico Soccer

Nancy asks…

General admission at the Rose Bowl Pasadena?

I’m planning on buying tickets for a Mexico soccer match next month
and i want to know where the General Admissions seating is located.

Tijuana answers:

It’s a bad place to sit. Behind the goal. I don’t recommend you going because they will probably not put the A team.

James asks…

What is the series history between Mexico and Honduras?

What is the total win-loss record for the mexico honduras soccer teams against each other?

Tijuana answers:

17 Mexico wins, 5 Draws, 4 Honduras wins

Laura asks…

Why do mexicans make excuses when they lose but then they get all cocky when they beat the last place team?

Im 1/2 mexican too but I still go for US because i live in the damn country…ur not a fan if u go for another country.

PS: mexico soccer sucks

Tijuana answers:

Okay.. Ur name just cracks me up!

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