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Mexico Time Zone

Thomas asks…

What time does the sun set in New Mexico?

I’m planning a trip to New Mexico for the summer and was wondering if anyone could tell me approximately when the sun sets. I’d be visiting in July or August.

Tijuana answers:

Ignore Eleanor, Geography matters when it comes to sunset and relative time.

The closer to the equator, the more equal the number of hours of day and night are. At the poles, it’s the most extreme. Hawaii is fairly close to the equator so there is no point in observing Daylight Saving Times since sunset is close to the same every day. As you go farther from the equator, the tilt of the earth exaggerates the ratio of day/night hours.

The other factor is how far west the area is in a particular time zone. The farther west you are in a time zone, the later the sun sets. For example sundown in Ohio in the summer is much later than in Maine.

Now to answer your question. On the longest day of the year, June 21, sunset in New Mexico is 8:23 PM. On July, 31, it is 8:09 PM.

Helen asks…

My husband and I want to go on a wonderful vacation in Mexico or South America?

Im not sure where to go really. He wants mexico or somewhere in South America. We both like doing adventurous things but we also like to relax on the beach and drink cocktails. Something romantic. Not too crowded is the biggest thing. All the places I have looked up just seem a little too touristy and neither one of us is into large crowds. Any suggestions? Have you been someplace nice? Lack of English speaking folks would not be an issue. That was a major compliant in some reviews online.
Open to any suggestion to research. Resorts, all inclusive places, holes in the wall…..whatever is a good spot.

Tijuana answers:

I’m living in southern of Costa Rica and I can assure you, this country is a paradise. The nature is luxuriant, the people amazing and the activities abundant. Northern Costa Rica is more touristy than the Southern. A lot of places in Costa Rica preserve his nature and authenticity.
If you love adventures you can find tours, eco-tours or visit a lot of national parks. For example see this website:
I’m sure you will find in Costa Rica more that you expect. This country is incredible.
Hope that will help you.

Mandy asks…

Where is the largest dead zone on earth?

Hypoxic dead zone in a body of water. Where is the largest one? Thanks in advance.

Tijuana answers:

A record-setting dead zone is predicted to occur in the Gulf of Mexico and expected to kill bottom-dwelling fish and other marine life over a significant portion of the seafloor this summer following the rise in nutrient runoff from the Mississippi floods, according to marine scientists supported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

This year’s forecast estimates that the size of the low-oxygen or hypoxic region in the Gulf will reach up to 9,421 square miles, the size of New Jersey and Delaware combined. City-sized portions of this region could see oxygen levels in the water column dropping to zero.

I also read that the Suffocating Sea was the largest.
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