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Mexico Vacations

Mandy asks…

mexico vacation?

has anyone ever been to moon palace resort in mexico…and what do you think…Is it a good vacation
any one…

Tijuana answers:

It’s a great place to vacation. They have the best pool with 2 swim up bars. The food and drinks are plentiful.
What I like about Moon Palace, you can take a shuttle bus to all the other Palace resorts and spend the day complimentary.

The only down side is the beach water isn’t the best. Seaweed in the water. The beach staff is constantly cleaning the beach. The beach it self is okay. If you swim out past the seaweed it gets better.

We loved the staff and the rooms. Just remember to bring some dollars for tip money. The staff work hard. You will be rewarded with even better service.

You will have a good vacation.) Have fun

Ruth asks…

Hawaii vs. Mexico vacation?

I want to go to either Hawaii or Mexico this coming june with my family and we’re trying to find the best spot. We are looking for HOT HOT sunny weather nice beaches, etc. We love swimming, lounging on the beach, snorkeling, paddleboarding, other fun outdoor activivies…not so much ancient ruins or landmarks, tours, or nightclubs. Where in Hawaii would be the best? Or would mexico be better, if so where in Mexico? We were considering maybe cabo, cancun, or Puerto Vallarta..

Which place has the warmest weather we loooooove hot weather, and also which is cheaper Hawaii or mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Hey, welcome to Hawaii, ok? You know Mexico great place to visit, love the people, great beaches, and food, really great, ok? But for most people to hafta worry bout food they eat an water they drink wen they travel gonna be problem, ok? See, most of the milk product they have, like cream, ice cream, cottage cheese, made with unpastuerize milk, now for people who use to it, it ok, but for those who new to it, well ltsz just say that Montezuma revenge real and part of newcommer to Mexico life, ok? Mostly gonna be e coli, but sometime gonna have listeria, even typhoid, so good idea to be very careful bout what you eat, an what you drink if you goto Mexico, ok? Now, this not meant as slap inna face of people who live there, they not do it on purpose, it just the way it is, ok? But, in some place in Mexico, it bout the same cost to stay there as average place in Hawaii, an hea Hawaii you not gotta worry bout water, although for sure Waikiki get close sometime from sewage leak, or food you gonna eat, although for sure ifyou goto backyard luau DON’T eat the mac salad if it warm, ok? So, hope this help, for cost only, Mexico mobetta, cause beaches bout the same, but for safety, well mobetta hea Hawaii, ok? BSides that, we not hava shoot-out b-tween cartel and federales hea Hawaii for many year now, ok? Hope this help, peace an aloha to you!

Donna asks…

Mexico for Vacation?

We are considering taking our next vacation to Mexico. I am not a “beach” person. I would rather spend my time exploring ruins, sites, etc. What part of Mexico would be good to go to for this purpose?…..

or perhaps a cruise would be better?


Tijuana answers:

There are interesting ruins all over Mexico either far inland or by the coast. If you are not much of a beach person, you can hit the historical sites where you can find both ruins and beautiful colonial cities.
There are different kind of ruins as there have been different peoples and nations. The Aztecs and the Mayas are only two of the many who have populated this diverse country.

Check the tourism website or

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