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Mexico Vacations

Nancy asks…

TV in Mexico vacation home?

I have a vacation home in Mexico about 5 hours outside of Arizona… there any TV provider that can provide me service?

Tijuana answers:

If your vacation home is in a city, there is probably cable television available.
When people say 5 hours outside Arizona, if that is by air then that is a long way, it really depends on your means of transportation. 5 hours of walking is close.
You can also look into satellite television, you do know that Mexico is not in the back waters of the world, don’t you?

Mandy asks…

Whats the best and affordable vacation spot in Mexico?

I heard that Tamaulipas has a hot spot? I’m just looking to have a good time and not spend to much cash…

Tijuana answers:

A great place to visit in Mexico for a good vacation would probably be puerto vallarta. I know it’s know right on the border like tamaulipas, but there really isn’t any long stay touristy things to do in any of the border towns. The longer stay vacations actually come about in the cities more into the interior. I’m hoping this helps seeing as air fare implies a litte more money, but I think it’s well worth it. It’s a lot less expensive than Cancun and Cabo, and it has absolute wonderful weather in winter which is a HUGE plus, especially if it’s gotten a little chilly in the winter where you’re at. The hotels are top of the line, and it has small city charm with big city amenities, and is considered one of the safest cities in North America, let alone Mexico. It has a long history of caring very much for its tourist base, and understanding the relationship between tourism and the city’s prosperity. I really enjoy vallarta, and it’s many restaurants, clubs and hospitality.
As far as Tamaulipas is concerned, I’ve never heard any vacation hot spots more than just crossing the border for a couple of beers and laffs, but that’s it. I’d greatly appreciate ten points if you feel this answer helps. Thanks

Donald asks…

Should I cancel my Mexico vacation?

My boyfriend and I are scheduled to go to Cancun on Vacation the 1st week of March and we are staying for 4 days. We are a little worried with all the intense coverage of killings going on in Mexico and are being warned by family and friends not to go and to cancel our trip. How safe is it in Cancun? Would it be best to cancel the trip to Cancun and go somewhere else?

Tijuana answers:

You are probably safe since, at least to date, Cancun and the surrounding area is not where the violence is occurring. Most of the violence occurs in towns close to the US/Mexico border and are, of course, a result of the drug cartels battling over the lucrative drug trade. The only resort area to really feel the effects of this ongoing war is Acapulco as the port there is a major smuggling point for drug shipments from South America.

Current travel warnings are for northern Mexico near the US border and US Citizens are encouraged not to drive in this region. Travel where you are going is safe and as long as you take reasonable precautions (the same as you would in any city in the world) you should have a relaxing and enjoyable time.

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