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Mexico Vacations

Maria asks…

What are some similar vacation destinations to mexico?

My family and friends had a good trip to mexico planned but since we’re from the united states we’re a little iffy on going since all of the kidnapping and such has been happening in mexico. We cancelled our trip, so we’re looking for somewhere else to go. Do you know of any other nice places with a tropical feel?

Also, somewhere where the drinking age is 18, like mexico.

Tijuana answers:

I am from Mexico and you should know that regretfully all of this is true. Kidnappings are occurring all over the country. Although you should know that this is only occurring within the cartels. It is very unlikely that they would take you hostage. If going to Mexico is not out of the question you should visit the US Embassy upon arriving and tell them how long you will be there. Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Los Cabos, are popular tourists locations. If you want something similar to Mexico try Nassau, they have an excellent carribean feel and if you stay at the Paradise you’ll have the best hotel @ the islands, when I went i was 17 and was allowed to play in the casino (just make sure you look older). Costa Rica is also a hot spot where they are very liberal on the drinking age and have excellent islands, and casinos. Panama is also great you should check out Boquete. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is also an option. Don’t worry to much about the drinking age all of Latin America has a drinking age of 18, the US is the only country that has an over 21 policy.

Laura asks…

Where do you recommend in Mexico for vacation?

My wife and I want to take our first solo vacation since becoming parents, and have set our sights on Mexico. This will be for next March. We have been to Puerto Vallarta, and loved it, but would like to try somewhere new. I have also been to Cancun before, but didn’t care for it much (too touristy).

We do want to go somewhere with a nice beach, and would prefer somewhere where we can get around on foot mostly, as opposed to cabs or renting a car.

Here’s a few specific questions I’d appreciate answers to:

1. Do you like Cozumel and/or Playa Del Carmen?

2. Do you prefer one of those two over the other? Why?

3.If you have done all-inclusives before (which we haven’t) did you like it/not like it, and why?
Some great answers and info so far.

However, $500+/night is a bit out of our range, although I suppose if it’s all inclusive that isn’t as steep as it sounds.

We would probably prefer $200+ a night not all inclusive.


Tijuana answers:

I think it depends on what you are looking for and on how much you want to spend on it.

If you like beautiful greenish-blue water and a touristy small town feel with some privicy and indepedence and cheaper shopping/restaurants then pick puerto vallerte.

If you like hustle and bustle pick mexico city.

If you like golf and relaxation pick cabos.

If you like cheap airfares, lots of tourist attractions, and lots of options pick cancun. So fly in to cancun and rent a car. Stay in cancun if you want more nitelife and tourist packed settings. Or stay in playa del carmen if you want a more quiet environment. Then take the boat to cozamel and stay there for a day or two. There’s also the aztec ruins that you could drive out to. So I think Cancun/ Playa del Carmen is the best bang for your buck but I’ve heard from friends who’ve been there that puerto vallarte and cabos is very nice too.

In fact my friend with the most travel experience told me pick a nice hotel/ all-inclusive in puerto vallarte over the others and also over alcupulco.

Thomas asks…

Best vacation location in Mexico?

My husband and I are planning a vacation for just the two of us for our five year anniversary in October 2011. We are thinking about Mexico. Where is the best place in Mexico for an all-inclusive trip that doesn’t cost a small fortune. Good snorkeling is a top priority! Thanks!!

Tijuana answers:

Just a suggestion, but if I were doing an anniversary trip, I’d put the focus on “romance” rather than “all-inclusive”. (Besides, in Mexico, you can often find higher quality *AND* lower overall costs by going a la carte rather than all-inclusive, where you tend to get lower service levels, cheap liquors and beers, and monotonous buffets).

If it were me, and I wanted good snorkling, I’d stick to the Caribbean coast and look for smaller, boutique hotels. There are some very good options on Isla Mujeres (which is fun, affordable, easy to reach and where you can find a wide variety of reefs for diving and snorkling). I also like Puerto Morelos, Isla Holbox, some of the dinky family-run hotels along the Riviera Maya, and the older, traditional part of Playa del Carmen (no Playacar mega-resorts for me!)

Last Thanksgiving, my wife booked us a week at the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya. Not the kind of place I usually like to be, but since she did the legwork and paid the tab, I can’t really complain. I will say that their snorkling day trip out to Punta Maroma was one of the BEST snorkling days we’ve ever experienced in Mexico. Great service, friendly guides and spectacular underwater scenery.

Good luck with the trip! Hope you’ll share some insight and experience with us when you get back!

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