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Tijuana Mexico

Maria asks…

What are very efficient fundraisers that a teen is capable of?

I am going on a missions trip in tijuana, mexico in the spring (3 months from now). I am in need of $1300 and i have currently raised only $20, which is a problem. Does anyone know of ways that i could raise/make money? i need the money quickly or i won’t be able to go.

Tijuana answers:

Have a food fund raiser,most stores will donate and if you get help you can make tickets up and sell them couple weeks in advance and you will do fine.GOD BLESS YOU !

Nancy asks…

Can my aunt get deported for going to the Los Angeles Passport agency?

I’m planning a trip with my cousin to go to Tijuana Mexico in June. I don’t think the passport will arrive through the mail on time. I’m 18 and my cousin 17 but my aunt is an illegal alien. I’m scared that if I take them there they might think my aunt is an illegal and deport her or something. When I went to the agency they gave me the passport the same day. If you Travel on Greyhound can my cousin be with me if I’m 18.

Tijuana answers:

She’ll probably have to show an ID to get into the building. Beyond that, as long as she’s not filing for a US passport, she should be fine.

Mark asks…

Is it illegal to ask for donations for a good cause?

My name is Deborah. I am 18 years old and my friend and I want to start a charity to help the needy families in Tijuana, Mexico by asking for donations such as clothing, blankets, and food for the winter, which we would then distribute to the families as presents to help bring hope back into their lifes and spread the Christmas spirit. But we are not too sure wether this is illegal or not. If you or anyone you know happens to know wether it is or not, we would appreciate it if you’d let us know. Thank You.

Tijuana answers:

You cannot start a charity until you are an adult; then there are lots of legalities. You can join an organization that is already in existence and then do fund raisers for them. That way, you are aligned with an established non profit and your donors can have their donations as tax deductions.
Please remember that there are many families in the US that can use your help too. Probably some in your own community.

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