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Tijuana Mexico Airport

Susan asks…

What do I need to travel to mexico?

I live in orange county california; we are going to drive to the Tijuana airport and depart from there to Morelia, Mexico. What do I need as papers to show my nationality or do i need any paperwork?

Tijuana answers:

You don’t officially need a passport, because you will be crossing by land, but Baja (where Tijuana is located) is a special case, and they may not let you onto the plane there without a passport to fly into the interior. You might get by with a certified copy of your birth certificate and a state-issued photo ID, like a drivers license, but if it were me I’d feel more certain of getting in with the passport.

You will definitlly need to get a tourist visa, and you will have to get it at the border or at the TJ airport. It will cost about $23 US.

Forget the life insurance and next of kin nonsense….

Richard asks…

How can I get to Tijuana Airport?

How long it will take from the border?

Tijuana answers:

If you go into mexico from otay make a right (go west). About 5 min.

If you go into mexico form tijuana make a left (go east). About 15 min

you cant miss it, you just cant.
I mean with all the airplanes and all.

Laura asks…

How do i get to uruapan michocan mexico?

i need to get to uruapan, but i check air lines and i cant find i take a bus there? Whats a good bus line? i checked turimex and grupo senda and i couldnt find a bus there either…
is there anyother way? i wanted to drive to the border and then just take the bus there…

Tijuana answers:

You can fly to Uruapan, but it’s not easy (unless you live in southern california). Volaris flies from Tijuana (TIJ) to Uruapan (UPN). Anyone else will need to fly to Morelia (MLM) or Guadalajara (GDL) and take a bus from there. Morelia’s a small airport with few flights, but fortunately, “few” includes a Continental direct flight from Houston (IAH). Guadalajara is a bigger airport with far more (and usually cheaper) flights, but it’s a longer bus trip to Uruapan.

Grupo Senda (including Turimex) won’t be an option for you because they serve primarily Northern Mexico.

You’re better off with Primera Plus in this region, or ETN if you want executive-class service. Both have service from both Morelia and Guadalajara to Uruapan. Primera Plus has more buses (roughly every 90 minutes) and is a bit cheaper (115 pesos, Morelia to Uruapan vs. 140 pesos on ETN). From Guadalajara, the fares to Uruapan will start at about 250 pesos.

Buen viaje!

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