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Tijuana Mexico Area Code

Robert asks…

How do I sent a fax from USA to Mexico?

I need to send some very very important fax to Mexico however I am getting this automated message: “cannot be completed as dialed” when I try sending it. I am entering the 1+area code+the seven digit phone number. The fax needs to go to Tijuana, MX. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong and how to get the fax thru?

Tijuana answers:

You need to dial 011 and the country code which (I think) is 52.

So you would dial 011-52- and then the number

Sharon asks…

How do i make a phone call to Mexico?

I need to call Cancun. The number there starts with 1-877….
What is Mexico‘s code as country,a nd do i have to dial ares code too,or this number is toll free?
Please help!

Tijuana answers:

There numbers are just like us!


1-area-code and number….

Here are all the area-codes for Mexico!

Mexico (Bands 1-3) 52 Puebla 222, Puerto Vallarta 322, Veracruz 229.
Mexico (Bands 4-8) 52 Acapulco 744, Cancun 998, Celaya GTO 461, Chihuahua 614, Ciudad Juarez 656, Culiacan 667, Guadalajara 33, Hermosillo BCN 658, Hermosillo SON 662, La Paz BCS 612, La Paz CHIH 625, Loreto BCS 613, Mazatlan GRO 747, Mazatlan SIN 669, Merida 999, Mexicali 686, Mexico Y Area Metropolitana, DF 55, Monterrey 81, San Luis Potosi 444, Tampico 833, Tijuana 664, Torreon 871, Zacatecas 492.

David asks…

what is the best $5 minute card for calls to mexico that will give me the most minutes?

im calling from az to San pedro de las colonias coahuila mexico i want the most out of the 5 dollars help pleas?

Tijuana answers:

If you’re calling from the USA (without using Skype or Vonage), I’m sure there are different calling cards from each state. Here in southern California, I have used at least a dozen; but the best for me is “Un Paso A Mexico” and “El Chavo”. I have also used “Mi Carnal”. Me and my wife have used Un Paso A Mexico when calling Tijuana and Acapulco; and have used El Chavo when calling Cuidad Juarez. There are also other calling cards that offer alot of minutes but only to selected Mexican cities. You also can check if you can use it for cellular or landlines; and also there’s an access area code on the back (not the toll-free number) that give you even more minutes on your card. I hope this has helped you out in selecting a calling card in Arizona.

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