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Tijuana Mexico Crime

Nancy asks…

Views Against Increasing Border Control?

I’m in government class and i have to talk about being against increasing border control (i didnt pick this topic) what are some points i could bring up to defend my topic.


Tijuana answers:

The unintended consequences of increasing border control are a bigger deal than the intended consequences, in many ways.

Border control is expensive to staff and equip.

It doesn’t work very well. It obviously doesn’t eliminate illegal immigration or drug smuggling.

It’s security theater. It lulls people into thinking we’re safe from the problems caused by immigration when we really aren’t.

It drives people who want to cross the border into taking really dangerous risks, and people die as a result.

It creates a lucrative criminal enterprise that smuggles people, and so supports organized crime.

This organized crime is causing lawlessness and misery in cities like Cuidad Juarez (across from El Paso) and Tijuana (across from San Diego). Making these cities into hellholes just drives up peoples’ desire to cross the border.

Waiting in line for inspections costs a lot to people who aren’t violating the law, such as truckers who bring farm products from Mexico to the USA.

The same federal money that’s spent on guarding the border would go further to solve the problems if it were spent on enforcing employment laws in the US (people come to get jobs). The European Union has basically eliminated border controls between member countries, even though they have rich countries (Germany for example) and poor countries (Greece for example). They enforce employment laws not border laws. It works OK.

Those are some possible arguments. Good luck!

Lisa asks…

My friends and I have all planned this great, all inclusive trip to Cabo San Lucas in May and I’m very excited?

and now with this drug cartel issues going on in Mexico I’ve heard some of the drug dealers are going into the resorts and shooting or harming tourists….I don’t know what’s facts and what’s not but I don’t know if I should cancel my trip if it’s not safe or if we would be fine where we are going….I need serious info please.
any more answers anyone knowledgeable can provide???

Tijuana answers:

Cabo is pretty safe….crimes there are more the theft of opportunity..than anything else.
The drug cartels are in a war with each other and also the Government (Federales).. Most, but not all, of the violece is along the border towns…Tijuana, Juarez, etc…and certain states like Sinaloa.
Cabo is pretty much a high end touristy town of about 55,000….second largest city in Baja South after La Paz.
I’ve always enjoyed traveling around Baja South.
Have fun, use the Travelers Common Sense List of Things to Do and Not Do…. For example…..don’t flash money and jewelry around, leave valuables like extra cash, cameras, in the resort room safe, don’t leave drinks unattended at bars, cantinas, don’t go outside the touristy areas at night, don’t drive and drink or at night, we use bottled water for drinking and brushing our teeth, you’ll be fine….
Enjoy yourselves….. We’ve driven all over Baja from Cabo to San Jose to La Paz, back through Tods Santos….many, many times and stopped at all the small beachside villages and out of the way places…..great memories…..

John asks…

Anyone enjoy or dislike living in Rosarito Mexico?

Might have to relocate there, any opionions????

Tijuana answers:

I live in Rosarito!

About 12 years ago, Rosarito incorporated as a city. Prior to that it was part of Tijuana, and all the tax monies went there… As a consequence, Rosarito was treated like the poor step-child.

However recent years have seen many improvements to Rosarito. Of course it has 12 miles of wonderful beaches. I don’t know whether it improves the “Mexican” experience or not, but we now have a Home Depot, WalMart, Cinepolis (theaters), Burger King, and many other international franchises.

With all the bad publicity over drug-cartel violence tourism is down and the city’s economy is suffering. But in truth, there has not been a single case of violence against an innocent tourist or foreign resident in Rosarito. Not one. Zero. Zip. Nada.

There is still crime… Just as in any place, but nothing special about being in Baja or Rosarito.

Rosarito is not so far from the border that you feel a great distance from the USA… There are many services directed at the international/foreign resident. Most all professional services are available here, and when you prefer you are only a short distance from the border.

Apply now for your passport and passport card if you don’t already have them. This will make your transition one problem shorter.

There are differences and adjustments to make. Mexico can be a cruel place for those who don’t try to understand it’s culture and way of doing things. But once you get into the flow of things, it really is quite simple.

Rosarito is one of the only cities in Mexico that has a Foreign Residents Assistance Office to help overcome any problems for foreign residents. You are welcome here!

Write me if you need any additional information.


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