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Tijuana Mexico Dangerous

Nancy asks…

What airport would be most convenient to leave to mexico?

I am planning a vacation to mexico Jalisco,Mex on July. I have the option of flying from Tijuana,Mex or LAX in L.A. I heard that at LAX there are many restrictions about what you take and that in mexico not many what would be the most convinient place to depart from. I dont mind if i have to drive to mexico to go on vacation. Any help would be appeciated.Thanks..

Tijuana answers:

You are probably referring th the TSA requirements. They are very simple and limit the amount of liquids in your carry-on bag and any dangerous items…really no problem at all.

Richard asks…

Why was Mexico so safe during the Fox Administration but so dangerous now under Calderon?

I remember I could go into Tijuana/ Juarez in the early 2000s when Fox was President of Mexico and there was hardly any buzz about people getting killed or beheaded by the drug war.

Ever since Calderon took over it has become out of hand, with several govts posting travel advisories against Mexico.

Why? What did Calderon do?

Tijuana answers:

Calderon decided to abandon a “go along, get along” attitude about the drug cartels.

During Fox’s administration, several of the drug cartel kingpins were arrested or killed. This created a vacuum at their leadership, which many underlings decided to take advantage of. So the internal strife began. Most of the violence has actually been between the drug cartels themselves… Fighting for power, they are killing off each other.

Calderon decided that it was time to intervene. This necesitated stepping up enforcement… Which meant federal forces had to be involved since the cartels had infested many local government law enforcement agencies. In the battle between the cartel’s infighting, one cartel would try to kill off cops and officials loyal to the other cartel. It demanded government attention, and Calderon obliged.

It has not been easy. If Calderon had turned a blind eye and let the cartels run their business, there would be less violence. But since their internal warfare exploded into the public eye, it was time to do something. In many ways, Calderon’s actions were extraordinarily brave.

It is getting better. Most of the violence is in a few areas, particularly Cuidad Juarez, where no amount of attention seems to be helping since this is a main highway for drug trafficers to send their merchandise to the US. The bulk of Mexico lives in relative peace.

John asks…

What is the cost to rent a 2 bedroom in Tijuana, Mexico in a decent vicinity?

Also what is the cost of living there?

Tijuana answers:


Try this as a starter. Tijuana generally is cheaper overall. But again it depends on the area like anywhere the better the area the more cost. Downtown is usually the cheapest but the most dangerous. The cost of living is not so much different than that of the US side. If you are a frugal shopper you can find great deals on local products. If you insist on US products then prices can actually be higher than you would pay in the US due to tarriffs and price gouging. Rule of thumb is buy electronics and stuff in the US and consumables in Tijuana. I was there in the 80s when the peso was 3000 to one dollar. It was quite weird. For one peso you could call on public phone. So literally you could make 3000 calls for a buck. Taxi cost 35 cents to 50 cents if you shared it. Shared taxis work like busses but you cant leave until the taxi is full. So dont use em if you must get to work on time, Personally I found the Mexicans to be far more welcoming to Americans than Americans have been to Mexicans. Some suggest it had to do with money but I didnt believe that because seldom did any of the kindest acts result in any money exchange or interest in money. Many say tijuana isnt mexico but that depends on you. If you hang around the American tourist traps then its a party town for americans but if you skirt those areas and visit the places the Mexicans hang out on a daily basis you will find Mexico. Tijuana has more facades than most people could imagine. If you are adventurous and respectful this can be a very unique money saving and fun place to reside.

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