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Tijuana Mexico Map

Paul asks…

Traveling from San Diego to ensenada Mexico… is it safe? What is the best way to do it?

I loved going zip lining in Ensenada. I want to take my kids and travel from San Diego or TJ. I worry about safety on the drive there. Please don’t be a smart aleck and say “if you have a shot gun it is safe”. It was beautiful, friendly and safe when we docked there on our cruise. Zip Lining was $20 for an hour. They were great! Horse back riding $15. I loved it. It is only 2 hours away. Do I really need to book another cruise to go back when I live so close?

I understand I see a very small window of mexico on a cruise both safety wise and culturally. But what I saw I loved and would like to go back there. Is it safe to get in the car and just drive?

Tijuana answers:

Yes it is very safe to just get your car and drive, I would recommend Ensenada’s whale watching, and of course the wine tasting wineries, try to book for a family vacation in summer or in spring break, since a lot of Americans go in those months, that way you feel a little more secure 🙂
The best way to do it, it’s to cross the border at Tijuana and follow the signs to go to Ensenada, or print directions in Google maps since from Tijuana you get to Ensenada pretty quick.
Good luck on your trip and have fun,
– Adam Nettlefold

Nancy asks…

geo? i have 7? i need help if you get them i will give you the best awswer=D?

1)along what line of longitude dose the northeast border of california lie

2)what large desert in africa is almost as big as the forty-eight contiguous states in the U.S.

3)what is the capital of montana,the state with the forty largest land areas in the U.S.

4)what is the capital of the only state that as a coastline on the gulf of mexico and where the 100 degree west longitude line passes throght the state

5)which city dosent lie near the mexican border:El paso,san francisco,laredo.

6)what european city is near the inersection of the 60 degree north lattitude and 30 degree east longitude

7)if one inch on a map=500 miles then from chicago to cleveland is half of an inch. how far whould this be

Tijuana answers:

1) California’s northern border is at 42º north latitude.

2) This is the Sahara Desert, the largest African desert. It is located in northern Africa, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea, and also in Asia, including the Arabian peninsula.

3) Helena is the capital city of Montana.

4) Five states have Gulf of Mexico coastlines: west to east, they are Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. The line of 100º west longitude passes through Texas, but it does not go through the Gulf of Mexico.

5) This is San Francisco, California. It is 475 miles northwest of Mexico. However, San Diego, California is very near Tijuana, Mexico.

6) This is Leningrad, Russian Federation.

7) Half an inch is 250 miles. That is, 250 from Chicago to Cleveland.

John asks…


is there a way i can find out how to get from West Covina,California to rio blanco veracruz,Mexico with directions Please help i need to go there with my family

Tijuana answers:

Hi, check out this webpage of the official roads office:

write down that you are going from state: Baja California city: Tijuana to State: Veracruz, city: Orizaba and you’ll se the map, the names of the tolls, etc.

I can tell you from Mexico city, drive south towards Puebla use the “autopista” which means toll road (the street that takes you out of Mexico city and into the highway is called Zaragoza) about 1 hour and a half, then continue south following the signs to Orizaba – Veracruz.

From Puebla to Orizaba you’ll drive about 1 hour and a half, after the Esperanza toll you’ll go down the mountain, it can be foggy at times, be careful. When you finish going down you’ll be near Rio Blanco, it is before Orizaba. It may say Nogales or Rio Blanco.

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