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Tijuana Mexico Map

Donald asks…

Where is the boarderline or the frontier?

Does anyone know where the boarderline or the frontier is at?
I wanted to know where either one of these are next to mexico? All I heard, was that my friends boyfriend is at the frontier? Which is where? is is california, arizona, new mexico, or texas?

Tijuana answers:

California Arizona New Mexico and Texas have borderline with Mexico SA. Frontier is like where civilization runs out and there is no people. Northern Afghanistan Northern China Mongolia Places in Alaska. Or Space is the final Frontier! Humans just barely touched the moon. Border towns Tijuana below California, Douglas AZ, Aguascalientes Mexico, Brownsville and El Paso. Pull out a map there are not many city’s along the desert with Mexico that could be a Frontier? Nissan Question?

William asks…

how long dose it take to get to Guadalajara, Mexico from Rialto?

okay well im planning a trip to mexico to visit my dad and my grandma dosent enjoy planes soo i wanna know how long it takes by train or metro or anything but planes ….=]

Tijuana answers:

You need to make things easy on us if you want answers. How many people know where Rialto is. Even though I live in California and know it well (although admittedtly not Southern California as well as Northern and Central California), I had use Google maps to find it (and I’ve been to Riverside.)

Okay a metro local rapid transit system. The metro of Guadalajara is known as SITEUR, but it only serve the immediate Guadalajara area.

Passenger trains were discontinued in Mexico in January of 2000. There are a very few exceptions, the only important one being Cooper Canyon.

Okay now for the good news. Mexico has an excellent bus system. But it’s a big country and it’s a long way to Guadalajara. From Tijuana buses leave frequently for Guadalajara. The first half of the 36 hours trip is boring.

There is more than one bus station in Tijuana, so it can be confusing. You want the one that is five miles east of the city.

Central de Autobuses
Calzada Lázaro Cárdenas # 15751
Col. Chapultepec Alamar
Tel. 01 (664) 621 39 03 Ext.108 y Sala Internacional Ext. 115

Here is a video.

There are different companies running the TJ > GDL route. Go with TAP:

The price is $1,415 each person each way. Don’t panic. The prices are in pesos which uses the same symbol as dollars.

If you don’t have someone to drive you to Tijuana, Greyhound has buses to the Tijuana bus station.


There are 2 departures daily from Riverside and 19 from LA.

For more info on Mexican buses go to my website:

Mandy asks…

Is it safe to drive into Tijuana, Mexico?

My boyfriend and I plan to go to San Diego the last week in March. What do we need to know if we go to Tijuana? I have a passport at this point but he does not.

Tijuana answers:

As a Tijuana Resident, I recommend you to walk rather than drive, the tourist district is less than a half mile from the border, the traffic is very crazy from the border to TJ downtown, but if you want to go south to Rosarito or Ensenada, a car is a fast option, but don´t forget to buy an insurance to Mexico, cost 10 dlls per day and a good map of the roads

Most of the tourist goes to the Avenida Revolution, the heart of the tourist district from 1st avenue to the 8 avenue, the street is full of Curios Store(souvenirs) drugstores, bars and Pharmacies, but if you want to see more than the Tourist Area you can go to the zona Rio, the main financial and Commercial Area, here you can find the Centro Cultural Tijuana(Tijuana Cultural Center) that held a History Museum, a contemporary art gallery, and Imax Movie Theater.

If you decided to walk I recommend to use the yellow cabs that you will find as soon as you cross,

but the most important thing you´re going to need your US Passports to return to the US

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