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Tijuana Mexico News

Michael asks…

What radio stations can I get in Murrieta, CA? Do I pick up any LA or San Diego stations?

Tijuana answers:

From a search at Radio Locator (, these MAY be within listening range:

Info Call Sign Frequency Dist./Signal City School Format
KSDW 88.9 FM 7.9 mi. Temecula, CA Unknown Format
KSGN 89.7 FM 43.6 mi. Riverside, CA Religious
KLRD 90.1 FM 37.9 mi. Yucaipa, CA Christian Contemporary
KPFK 90.7 FM 67.3 mi. Los Angeles, CA Public Radio
KUSC 91.5 FM 66.3 mi. Los Angeles, CA University of Southern California Classical
KVCR 91.9 FM 27.8 mi. San Bernardino, CA San Bernardino Community College Public Radio
KHHT 92.3 FM 67.1 mi. Los Angeles, CA Urban Contemporary
KXFG 92.9 FM 3.6 mi. Sun City, CA Country
KCBS 93.1 FM 67.6 mi. Los Angeles, CA Adult Hits
KDEY 93.5 FM 46.9 mi. Ontario, CA Unknown Format
KCLB 93.7 FM 58.5 mi. Coachella, CA Rock
KXOS 93.9 FM 67.2 mi. Los Angeles, CA Urban Contemporary
KMYI 94.1 FM 50.5 mi. San Diego, CA Hot AC
KMYT 94.5 FM 6.2 mi. Temecula, CA Smooth Jazz
KTWV 94.7 FM 66.9 mi. Los Angeles, CA Smooth Jazz
KFRG 95.1 FM 43.6 mi. San Bernardino, CA Country
KLOS 95.5 FM 67.2 mi. Los Angeles, CA Classic Rock
KRQB 96.1 FM 34.9 mi. San Jacinto, CA Regional Mexican
KCAL 96.7 FM 43.6 mi. Redlands, CA Rock
KAMP 97.1 FM 67.2 mi. Los Angeles, CA Top-40
KLYY 97.5 FM 46.0 mi. Riverside, CA Spanish
K252BF (KSSD) 98.3 FM 9.3 mi. Temecula, CA Spanish
KGGI 99.1 FM 46.0 mi. Riverside, CA Hip Hop
KOLA 99.9 FM 27.8 mi. San Bernardino, CA Classic Hits
KSWD 100.3 FM 67.1 mi. Los Angeles, CA Adult Album Alternative
KPSI 100.5 FM 52.4 mi. Palm Springs, CA Hot AC
KAEH 100.9 FM 26.2 mi. Beaumont, CA Regional Mexican
KRTH 101.1 FM 67.2 mi. Los Angeles, CA Oldies
KATY 101.3 FM 28.2 mi. Idyllwild, CA Adult Contemporary
KIIS 102.7 FM 67.1 mi. Los Angeles, CA Top-40
KTMQ 103.3 FM 6.2 mi. Temecula, CA Classic Rock
KOST 103.5 FM 67.0 mi. Los Angeles, CA Adult Contemporary
KBIG 104.3 FM 67.2 mi. Los Angeles, CA Hot AC
KKGO 105.1 FM 67.3 mi. Los Angeles, CA Country
KXRS (CP) 105.5 FM 34.2 mi. Hemet, CA Regional Mexican
KXRS 105.7 FM 17.9 mi. Hemet, CA Regional Mexican
KPWR 105.9 FM 67.2 mi. Los Angeles, CA Hip Hop
KPLM 106.1 FM 59.7 mi. Palm Springs, CA Country
KSSD 107.1 FM 12.9 mi. Fallbrook, CA Spanish
KLVE 107.5 FM 67.3 mi. Los Angeles, CA Spanish
KWVE 107.9 FM 21.3 mi. San Clemente, CA Christian Contemporary

XESURF 540 AM 75.1 mi. Tijuana, Mexico News/Talk
KLAC 570 AM 66.5 mi. Los Angeles, CA Sports
KTIE 590 AM 35.1 mi. San Bernardino, CA News/Talk
KOGO 600 AM 59.1 mi. San Diego, CA News/Talk
KFI 640 AM 51.2 mi. Los Angeles, CA Talk
KIRN 670 AM 101.0 mi. Simi Valley, CA Ethnic
XETRA 690 AM 88.4 mi. Tijuana, Mexico Spanish
KSPN 710 AM 80.8 mi. Los Angeles, CA Sports
KBRT 740 AM 68.9 mi. Avalon, CA Religious
KFMB 760 AM 51.2 mi. San Diego, CA News/Talk
KABC 790 AM 74.2 mi. Los Angeles, CA News/Talk
KLAA 830 AM 34.3 mi. Orange, CA Sports
XEMO 860 AM 79.6 mi. Tijuana, Mexico Regional Mexican
KRLA 870 AM 70.6 mi. Glendale, CA News/Talk
KALI (CP) 900 AM 43.8 mi. West Covina, CA Spanish
KHJ 930 AM 74.5 mi. Los Angeles, CA Spanish
XEGM 950 AM 73.5 mi. Tijuana, Mexico Unknown Format
XEK-1 950 AM 79.3 mi. Tijuana, Mexico Spanish
KFWB 980 AM 66.5 mi. Los Angeles, CA News
KCEO 1000 AM 23.6 mi. Vista, CA Business News
KTNQ 1020 AM 55.1 mi. Los Angeles, CA Spanish
KCAA (CP) 1050 AM 28.9 mi. Loma Linda, CA News/Talk
KNX 1070 AM 68.8 mi. Los Angeles, CA News
XEPRS 1090 AM 79.3 mi. Rosarito, Mexico Sports
KDIS 1110 AM 59.1 mi. Pasadena, CA Children’s
KSDO 1130 AM 51.5 mi. San Diego, CA Spanish
KNWQ 1140 AM 46.5 mi. Palm Springs, CA News/Talk
KCBQ 1170 AM 49.3 mi. San Diego, CA Talk
KXMX 1190 AM 45.9 mi. Anaheim, CA Ethnic
KPRZ 1210 AM 34.5 mi. San Marcos-Poway, CA Religious
KEZY 1240 AM 35.9 mi. San Bernardino, CA Spanish
KKDD 1290 AM 38.3 mi. San Bernardino,

Paul asks…

Is Mexico safe for me if I cross at the Tijuana border?

Tijuana answers:

Yes it is safe, but be cautious nonetheless. If you believe everything you see on the news, like some other answerers, you must be living rolled up in a ball in your closet with the shades drawn. Remember of the need of members of the media to sell newspapers.
The majority of potential problems that arise are because of victims that get “cased out” over the course of several weeks. If you only go sporadically, you’re in no trouble at all.
I saw that someone recommended using a money belt. This really sounds excessive and it feels a little silly, but on the other hand, if you’re in a foreign country and lose your money, maybe having a money belt can be a good idea.

John asks…

Which is the safest border town in Mexico?

I’ve heard nasty things about border cities on the news, but probably the people who actually know the places can tell me better. My brother lives in Tijuana and works in San Diego. He tells me he loves it because he doesn’t pay that much for a nice apartment in TJ and utilities are way cheaper. When I ask him about safety, he just says that stuff on TV are exaggerations. He’s been living there and working in the States for the past 3 years. But what do you people think? Do you think this practice of living in Mexico and working in the States is worth it? If so, what cities would you recommend? By the way I’m married and have a 18 month old girl and would love to hear from people who actually know these places, not the ones who base their views on what they watch on TV.

Tijuana answers:

I am an American and, like you I am married with young children (a 3 y/o and one on the way), and I live in SW Mexico going on about 4 years now. I love it. It has it’s good and it’s bad like any place but in the end I think that in many ways it is easier and offers me much more opportunity then in the US.

That said, I would Never live in ANY border town on the Mexico side. I can’t think of a less desirable place to live. From what I’ve seen those towns are nothing short of horrific and I would say are even comparable to 3rd world cesspools you see on TV like in the poorer parts of Africa. Ok, I might be exaggerating a little, but to me the difference between the Mexico ‘I know’ and Mexico ‘El Norte’ is night and day.

I have visited or at least been through most of the major border towns, with the exception of TJ. To me TJ sounds pretty horrible just like what I’ve seen, so I can’t imagine there is much difference except for its proximity to SD. But I’ve never been so I can’t give you an honest opinion. I’ve been to CD. Juarez and it is disgusting. I would say Juarez being the worst of them and Nogales being the least horrible (of the larger, well-known cities). I think Matamoros is probably a pretty descent Border Town (if you’re into that kinda thing, lol).

So under the circumstances you described, I would say no. It’s not worth it. But if you can find a way to work for a Mexican company or telecommute while living in another part of Mexico, the country does have a lot to offer and obviously I don’t thnk that is a bad idea. I would recommend it to some people, but it certainly isn’t for everyone.

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