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Tijuana Mexico Zip Code

Robert asks…

How to label a envelope to an Mexican P.O. Box?

I need to send a letter to Tijuana, Baja California Mexico I think the Zip code is 22103 is “Apartado Postal” P.O. Box #? an example of the correct way to label it would be great thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Apartado Postal is the Mexican term for PO box.
The address would be written like so:

Apartado Postal XXXX
Tijuana, BC 22103

Steven asks…

Trying to find a zip code in Tijuana but I don’t know the COLONIA or neighborhood of the motel?

This is the address I was given to send something FedX. Does anyone see a colonia or zona in this address?

Motel Jardines Monumental S.A. de C.V.
A La Orilla del mar playas de Tijuana, B.C.
Av. Del Pacifico NO. 884
Y parque Mexico
a tres cuadras de plaza de toros monumental

Tijuana answers:

I don’t think you’ll need one- but here is the postal code I got for the Jardines Monumental motel in the TJ phonebook:

It actually says parque mexico norte 107 CP 22200 which is a box number, I think- So I think if you gave that address, with the postal code- it may goto a postal box rather than the physical address-

Because it is in Playas, i think it’ll be pretty easy for FedEx to find– If you absolutely NEED a postal code- I would use the one I gave you- here in Mexico it’s alot more hit and miss– which is why this address includes the instructions– “it is 3 blocks past the bull plaza monument”.

Hope it makes it, but this is Mexico!!

Charles asks…

What’s the zip code for Tijuana, Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

The zip code system in Mexico is different from the one in the United States There isn’t one or a couple of zip codes per city. There’s actually one PER colonia (neighborhood).

Below is the link to a page in the Mexican Postal Service website, where you can look up the zip code.

1. Select “BAJA CALIFORNIA” from the Estado (State) drop down list.
2. Type “Tijuana” in the box next to “Municipio”.
3. Press the “BUSCAR” (search) icon at the left.
4. You will be provided with a list OF ALL THE ZIP CODES IN TIJUANA. (The zip codes are in the first column). Again, you need to know the name of the colonia (second column)

Notice it’s a five page list, which you can select at the bottom left of the list.


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