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Visit Mexico City

George asks…

Do Mexicans in Mexico City hate black people?

Do people in Mexico City hate black people? I was in Mexico City airport (and even though i never went around the city) i felt very discriminated around all the female workers at the airport when i was asking for help searching for an airline. Mind you i’m puerto rican/dominican and speak good spanish (even though everyone thinks i’m african american) but anyways is it me or the mexicans in mexico city don’t like black people. If they don’t i definately don’t want to go back there. I’m asking cause i really wanted to visit mexico city and this has put a damper on the idea of going again.

Tijuana answers:

Hey there, let me begin telling you that I used to be a customs officer in the Mexico city Int, airport, and you don’t know what that airport is like, TONS AND TONS OF PEOPLE ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT, Chilangos, Defeños, Capitalinos, call them what you want they are all the same Mexico city locals, are not at all racist, or anything like that, they welcome everyone… As an extra comment… There are a couple of answers that should be corrected, the one from PILGRIM TRAVELLER and the one from ANNIE C…… PILGRIM DUDE… Talk about facts…. Señor is Mr. And Lord, but in two different ways. When you ask for Señor Garcia you are not asking fot Lord Garcia but for Mr. Garcia, if you say you are el señor del poker, then you are saying that you are the lord of poker, get some Spanish lessons dude… And stop being a stupid gringo…
As far as Annie’s C.’s answer, girl you watch too much horror movies, Mexico city, is a very corrupt city, yes, I agree, but you don’t kill Mr. Jones (a black, yellow, purple, tourist) and walk away just like that, I think I saw your story in a very bad horror movie, QUIT TAKING DRUGS GIRL…

On the other hand, I would say that Mexico is a very nice city to visit, as all larger cities in the world it has a high crime rate, lot’s of people, and lot’s of traffic… But it is one of the most beautiful cities to visit, with over 500 museums, thousands of parks, and millions of things to do and see, I will highly rteccomend you to take some time and visit the city, also the country is full of great places to visit, not just resort destinations…

Ken asks…

How come Americans and Canadians only visit the coastal areas in Mexico?

When you hear Americans and Canadians talking about where they went on vacation for the winter, they often say Mexico, but they only say they visisted coastal cities like Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, Cancún, etc.

But you rarely here them talk about visiting the capital Mexico City or other big inland cities, like Guadalajara or Monterrey.

Why do they like staying on the coast and not travel further inland?

Tijuana answers:

For visiting=coast
For retirement=inland (Chapala, San Miguel)

Most Americans and Canadians like to stay in enclaves either way, in order to avoid mingling with the natives and learning Spanish. They want to import their culture as much as possible and “have it both ways” (cheap vacation, better cost of living, but with the same culture).

It’s the same when Mexicans flock to places where other Mexicans are in the US. You don’t see Mexicans settling down in droves in places like Maine.

Also, when going to visit in the US, they are more likely to hit tourist spots as well (Miami Beach, Venice Beach, South Padre Island), and not go to places like East St. Louis or Compton, CA.

Donna asks…

whats up with the beatles fad in mexico city?

i recently visited mexico city and well everybody seems to have a beatles fad going on….every store either sells records from the beatles or sell t-shirts and posters…..also everybody seems to be listening to the beatles music and they even have ring tones… could also get stickers that come out in the bags of chips

anybody know anything?

Tijuana answers:

I don’t know, a lot of times music/entertainment sensations in one country don’t catch on in other places until a long time after they are popular in the U.S. My friend said that she went to India last year and they were all obsessed with the Spice Girls.

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