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Visit Mexico City

Linda asks…

Is there a way to get past minimum check in age for hotels in mexico city?

I’ll be visiting mexico city next month and booking a hotel has gotten a bit hard. All hotels I’ve seen have a minimum check in age of 18 or 21, but I am only 17 years of age. Is there a way I can book a hotel alone in mexico city? I really need it because I’ll be travelling alone there.
Yeha ok, your answers so far aren’t helping… I will be travelling alone, but I won’t be alone in mexico city. I just need to book a hotel. I’ll be with people once I’m there, and just TRAVELLING there alone.. ok?

Tijuana answers:

I agree with him. If you can’t book a hotel, don’t go, Mexico City can be pretty dangerous if you don’t know your way around.

Helen asks…

What are some good restaurants for the tourist in Mexico City?

I’m visiting Mexico City at the end of July and speak only a little spanish. I’d like to go to some restaurants that are low key (not really fancy) but nice and with a variety of food.

Tijuana answers:

For more day to day tacos and such, you can go to the El Farolito chain or El Lago de los Cisnes. These, particularly Farolito, can be found in almost neighborhood in DF. No guarantee that the staff will speak English though. If you happen to be in the San Angel neighborhood, which has great crafts markets, then try the Bazaar and it’s restaurant, which are open on Saturdays.

Mary asks…

Are 5 days enough to check Mexico City and the surrounding areas?

We plan to visit Mexico City and the surrounding areas next week. Are 5 days enough to check them out?

How about Cancun

Tijuana answers:

1.-Old Downtown or Centro Historico: check out the main square, the 300 year old buildings,the Templo Mayor and the Palace of Fine Arts, The National Palace Try to catch a performance of the Ballet Folklorico at the Palace of Fine Arts

2.-Don’t miss Teotihuacan (link below)

3.-Check Chapultepec Park and Chapultepec Castle (The only real castle in North America) The Anthropology Museum will take the better part of a day.

4.-Go take a ride in the Subway (u will be amazed how quiet it is, the cars run on rubber wheels) (link below)

5.-If possible go to San Angel on Saturday for the Bazar del Sábado (see the link below)

6.-I’ve been to Mexico City five times but always run out of time to get to Xochimilco (link below)

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