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Visit Mexico From Us

David asks…

What are cheap textiles to buy in Peru?

I’m going to Peru in 2 weeks. I love buying local handmade stuff. When visiting Mexico I got a real nice leather tapestry for like $10.

What is Peru known for in terms of cheap affordable handmade things? Rugs? Leather bags?

Tijuana answers:

You could buy alpaca wool sweaters, ponchos or other clothes. Peru is one of the largest alpaca wool producers in the world and a large amount of the alpaca handmade stuff is exported to the US and Europe to be sold at a much higher price.

You could also look for vicuña wool products. They are more expensive, but it is considered the finest type of wool in the world and sells at a much higher price in the US and Europe (I’m talking about hundreds and even thousands of dollars)

Carol asks…

Can I pass a computer in the US airport?

Im planning to visit the US (im from México) and I want to buy a desktop (just the tower) at Best Buy, my question is that Can I pass the computer trough the airport without problems? The computer costs 800 dollars and we are 5 in my family thanks.
The airline is continental airlines, so i cant just carry it around with me?

Tijuana answers:

Laptop you can take as carry on, though if it’s bigger I would just keep it in the box, wrap it in bubble wrap and check it in as normal baggage

Steven asks…

should I let my mother in law sleep in our bed?

My mother in law is a lovely person, and i get along with her great. However, she is planning on visiting us from Mexico (we live in canada) and stay for 2 weeks, We only have one bedroom and a pull out bed in the living room. My boyfriend insist in giving her our bed, but i feel we need to have our own space. Am i being irrational?

Tijuana answers:

Let her sleep in your bed, i think it will be sweet to her.

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