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Visit Mexico In December

Michael asks…

what is a warm place to visit in december?

It can be anywhere, preferably not in mexico or hawaii, my dad doesn’t want to go there again, but it is important that it would have blue skies and have crystal blue water beaches with clean sand where you can swim out without any big waves. Good outside activities like snorkeling, diving, visiting caverns, etc would be nice too. Also, it would be great if you could also give good hotel recommendations with a link. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Here comparison hotel price,accommodation reservations

Sandy asks…

How often can i get an fmm form to travel to and from mexico?

Im planning on visiting Guadalajara in december and was there for the whole month of july. i just arrived last week. is there a limit to traveling to mexico each year? im asking because i want to go again in december and also in march.

Tijuana answers:

They are good for 180 days and you must exit Mexico and return to get another 180 days and you can do that indefinitely.
You can go as often as you wish but you can`t reuse the FMM Tourist Forma.

Gracias Omero

Paul asks…

Am I makinq a qood decision in qoing to mexico in december?

I am qoinq to mexico in december and there’s been alot of killinq gooing on over there.. The drug dealers cartel are kidnappinq people to torture them and qet money out of them.. iam wondrinq if i should risk my life and qo and see my family or stay until thinqs calm down????

Tijuana answers:

Depends on where you qo qirl. Like iqo visit Colima
every year. It’s soo calm without worryinq bout kidnappers or somethinq like that & it’s banqinq. Da fiestas & the quys. Lol
Pero ofcourse there’s other places that are uqly & wid
narcos. Where are you qunna qo?
Hope i helped (:

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