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Visit Mexico Passport

Sharon asks…

Can you visit in Mexico and get married to one of their citizens while there?

My boyfriend got deported to mexico after an expired passport. I know he cannot become legal in the us however can i go there and get married and live there?

Tijuana answers:

Sure you can. However, you will have to comply with Mexico’s immigration laws in order for you to live there legally.

Mary asks…

Can I visit Mexico with a class B misdemeanor pending?

So I’m planning on going on a trip to Mexico w/ my girlfriend, I have my passport and everything ready. But today some of my family members told me I wouldn’t be able to, because I currently have a Class B misdemeanor pending. I’m leaving for 10 days and will be back with plenty of time for court. So can I leave or should I just not go on this vacation?
Okay I know mexico wont care but what about the US will there be any trouble getting back in?
Not only getting back but doesnt the US side of the border check your passport before entering mexico?

Tijuana answers:

You can go to Mexico with felony warrants. Mexico does not have access to any other database than their own and many would no thoroughly understand all the English anyway.
Trust me they do Not do Criminal Checks until you have been arrested on an unrelated matter in Mexico.
I know a couple of Temporary Residents that of course have their FM3s and both have extensive criminal records from 40 years ago Something Mexico does Not allow.

Steven asks…

Is it true only 10% of Americans have a passport?

I’ve always heard the story that only 10% of American citizens have a passport? Is this true?

The reason given is that Americans don’t need a passport to visit Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Is this true also?


It’s jusy unusual as the country I come from, everyone has a passport.

Tijuana answers:

Currently, Americans do not need passports to visit Canada or Mexico by land or the Caribbean region by sea. Starting in June 2009, passports will be needed for land and sea travel as well as flying to all these areas. Really hard to find a site that gives current accurate figure, but the best guess is almost 30 % now. In, Europe, where countries are smaller and closer together, people travel to other countries more frequently and need passports. By next June a much greater percentage of Americans will have passports.

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